Why the lack of Customization?


These ears would look rad with the void elf kit, especially with the dark blue skin colour.


I definitely would love Starcursed eyes as well. Some black and electric blue Sha options would also be sickening.

Like one unnatural looking and one Natural? Varying degrees of Void mutation in one look, much like voided hands and feet on natural tones.

It definitely would tie into almost getting turned into Ethereals as the first generation as well as varying degrees of mutation again. I like it :hugs:


Those semi-corrupted skins look fabulous.

This is what I love about Void Elves. It lets you play as both a High Elf and a Void Elf like Alleria, or just one of those options or maybe a corrupted mix in a future, they have so much potential.

No wonder some people say they’re the superior Thalassian elves. :star_struck: :lion: :octopus:


Electric blue? omg that’d be beautiful, love that colour.

I meant like one void pink and other void blue, but yeah those too actually, any combination.

Those would be great too, love it. Love anything that combines colours TBH.

Yeah I love anything that shows varying mutation like the weirdos we are.


The Verdant Spheres that Kael’thas had aren’t a generic Blood Elf thing, they were specific, unique artifacts that he had in his possession. The floating spell orbs seen elsewhere, like the old warlock glyph and the Felo’melorn flame spheres, are not specifically a Blood Elf racial thing. There also isn’t any particular lore for Blood Elf jewelry being particularly significant, certainly not any “lore belves” who wear what you’re describing as far as I’m aware. Green isn’t even one of our racial crest colors, that’s why the gems on Lor’themar’s new armor aren’t green.

Yes, and this is why technically San’layn are already playable, if only a very small subset of them: Blood Elf blood death knights already have all the visual customization, basic class skill flavor, and basic backstory needed to roleplay a San’layn death knight.

I agree just because the Dark Rangers are a rather significant part of Forsaken society, and lore-wise I think it would feel better if they were implemented as such.

Yes please, this. I would love to see death scar and rune tattoo options. Both have lore support from canon already, courtesy of Alexandros in the Ashbringer comic and Koltira in Wrath, respectively.

No need, death knight rune tattoos as a concept go back to at least Wrath.

I support all of your suggestions.

Because if I wanted to play Lightforged, I’d play Lightforged. The Sunwell is a mix of Light and Arcane. Sin’dorei society doesn’t only revolve around reverence for the Light, and such customizations wouldn’t make sense for most classes. By suggesting that Blood Elves get a ton of Light-based customization options, you’re suggesting a significant change to a central part of our lore. There’s already some very vocal people who say they preferred Blood Elves back in the edgier, mana tapping Burning Crusade days, and of course they’re going to resist any suggestion that the Sin’dorei move even further away from that thematically.

You would probably be correct there, I’ve always advocated for more Pandaren options where I could. Especially for unique customisation based on faction pride, but I’m sure I’m not the only one with that idea.

Stuff like the Pandaren faction emblem tattooed somewhere or some jewellery or head wraps/ribbons with Alliance or Horde motifs were some of my ideas.


Anyways, ask any person who doesn’t play this game what these are and they’re going to give you one of two answers. Spoiler alert: it’s vampire. (Or just “goth elf.”)


Asking for reds and an ear shape to complete the aesthetic, ontop of the star cursed stuff, is a valid request that fills a popular fantasy trope that’d attract people to the faction and race.

Not sorry.
Valid request.

Vampiric looks for the cultist elves are up there in makes sense and expands the kit with the star stuff too. It’s literally a colour and an ear shape, that’d come with all the tentacle colours, starry jewellery, and better varied skin colours. We’re back to the blonde hair levels of petty gatekeeping, except this time, it’s over something that doesn’t even exist right now on a playable model.

Game dev 101; you want things to be as simple as possible. An ear shape, and tinting a skin, is very very easy to do to just toss a request in game and move onto the next thing.

PS: red starry corruption looks sick as hell and I hope they wind up using it along the blacks, blues, and purples.

And remember,
Multiple aesthetic requests for me, but not for thee.
Void elves having a couple vampiric options doesn’t steal dark rangers, and actually melds into their kit aesthetically more than dark rangers do for a class with paladins.


On another note, I have to ask if anyone knows any human person that looks like these?
And that humans walk with their knees mostly bent. Granted, some other races do too which…??? Stampy feet?

I’m not suggesting a ton in particular. I mean I don’t think belvs have what it needs to be lightforged. I’m just saying there’s already a theme that seems to be lore friendly, without delving into the very intricate light of course.
I don’t think Sin’dorei are as separated from the light anyway, they all love the sunwell and recognize why it was fixed. Hence the hate for the void.

The main point is however it seems for some is less about a “need a secondary theme” (which honestly is not even a good argument) and more a “they took something from us we need to be dark too now” thing that’s more retaliation than anything.

I don’t care if you look edgy, just saying the motivation and the aggression about that does feel strange.


Always found it sort of funny that the Void Elves have that “dark edgy” and villainous vibe that TBC Blood Elves used to have.
They feel like a proper evolution the race, and like the same race. Restoration of the Sunwell a was a mistake yada yada.

And frankly, this isn’t a bad thing.
I took my Blood Elves (except one) from Horde to Alliance to follow it because the story was literally set up for that, especially as somebody who always felt Blood Elves clashed way too hard with the Horde aesthetically and story wise in many cases.

If people don’t like how Blood Elves aren’t “edgy” enough now, that’s something to take up with the writers, not people requesting customization for a different race, and enjoying both the new void elves, and the high elves that have been on the Alliance since TBC - just not playable. It’s like complaining somebody else got a birthday present on their birthday because you didn’t like yours last year.

Also, if you don’t like Fel, Holy, and Arcane themes, the Alliance is waiting for you?
Be rad to actually be able to pull that card for once after having it shoved in our faces for over a decade.


Can we go back to talking about how horrid the male nelf face are now btw? Or do I have to spent 20 minutes trying to get the forums to swap to a void elf because I want to support the void elf cause?


Just in case people have overseen it. They removed the Nightborne blades which is a big no no. Blizzard, what is wrong with you.

Make ALL weapons available. Don’t be stingy or look for a greater purpose in your narcissistic worldview how people should interact with your content. Release it. End of story.


Why do people keep bringing fel up when talking about Blood Elves? It would be cool if it was an actual theme with Blood Elves but can anyone tell me when we actual see the Blood Elves utilize fel? Where are the warlocks and where are the demons?

The Light should not be a part of a Horde theme. Sun, Loa worship and other alternative means are fine but having a relationship with the Light should be an Alliance thing. There is no way a Blood Elf will ever outshine the relationship humans or Draenei have with the Light.

Blood elves are as bland as white bread. When people got push back on the High Elf appearances from Blood Elf players did anyone stop and think why? Maybe it was more than just “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

The restoration of the Sunwell was one of the biggest writing mistakes Blizzard has ever made.

Wait, what?? Why would they do that? That’s super disappointing :frowning: I hope they change their mind and decide to release it again… it’s such a cool and iconic weapon, everyone deserves the chance to get it. I hate how they keep the badass weapons/armor locked behind npc use only

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Just going to hope they’re deciding to add the racial weapons to an achievement instead of locking them behind Timewalking. Maybe get a character of that race to max level, and also max rep with their home faction to unlock the weapons as well. Grinding rep is annoying, but at least they could have an NPC drop a line like, “Your dedication to our cause is second to none, (name)! In recognition of your valiant efforts, we present to you this arsenal from our armory.”


Fel and Light are a common theme for playable Blood Elf characters. The recommended Blood Elf class is mage though.

Either they save it for Nightborne Demon Hunters (please, no) or they have some stupid agenda running nobody cares for.


Nightborne are automatically exalted with their race from Level 10 on.


Really? Things I did not know. I’ve never actually made a Nightborne. I unlocked them but, I just get so tired playing Horde.


Let’s turn it into a Felwell.

Or even better, a Voidwell. :eyes:

We can help you with that. But you’ll need to convince Rommath first, though.

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All of us have at least one Nightborne character. Horde-players aren’t used to beautiful characters, we do got hit on our woman quintet after we unlocked the Heritage Armor in Orgrimmar. But I have to admit, seeing five heritage armor NB at once is a sight to behold.

Felt almost like Goldshire.