Why the lack of Customization?

Races were a mistake. We should all be blocks of rock.


I want to be a pebble.


I want to be a stonehenge block.

Is it just me or does the 2 pixel night elf look cooler than what we have now? lmao :sob:


Be my guest, you don´t know how tired I feel after a decade of players telling me Blood elves “belong” on the Alliance just because they refuse to entertain WC3 happened.

I was the weirdo that never wanted Nightborne playable on Horde cause I suspected they were gonna displace the Belves as the “Arcane specialist” on the Horde and look!!! I was right.

Belves have an “identity crisis” precisely because everybody and their mother is trying to force them into a reduced niche while Blizz picks them apart one customization at the time.

As a matter of fact, the game was a mistake. The story ended on such a high point in WC3, WoW will never manage to reach it no matter how many retconns they implement in the achievement of this goal.

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Belatedly I realized that I should post the link for you, Ariel.

Here is the Forsaken customization thread, everybody!

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I mean, i think even trolls got more relevant stuff than the Forsaken.

The Forsaken pass was… depressing. Literally implementing the stuff available in China´s model since WoD, a bunch of eye colors and they called it a day.

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They added a few skin colors, too. Rotted ethnic skin colors.

Edit cuz autocorrect.

Oh I hate what happened with Belves too. Blizz whatered them down terribly.

Problem was, the WC3 story didn’t end. It was a cliffhanger.

I think WoW could’ve worked, even if it wasn’t as good due its MMO nature, but GFD they just destroyed the story because they are too busy licking their Gary Stues and Mary Sues.

It actually has more personality lmao.

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While not explicitly on what you touched on, I remember I think it was Henitai (if it was someone else I apologize) who made a great point about Pandaren getting Horde or Alliance tattoo type stuff and I think tied it into a point of being a good place for more customization for them because they are a uniquely neutral race and could get themed stuff like that I feel like I’m trying to recollect a post I saw too long ago though I’m afraid


I’m totally guilty of actually liking what they got for new customizations because it allowed me to hide the bones, have Elvira hairdo, hot pink hair color and pink eyes so I finally made one as a Warlock alt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, the Pandaren needs love too. If you manage to remember that post, let me know! I can post links.


Yes, like 2 or three. But then again, everybody and their mother got “new skin colors” regardless.

And what´s the point in implementing a “black rotten” skin color if you abstain from implementing the Afros /facepalm

Tell me about it: the SL proper stuff is not “great” but it isn´t terrible either -I enjoy the Venthyr quite a lot-. But EVERYTHING related to the “core” story aspect a.k.a. the “Jailor” + “Suevanas” + “Blanduin” stuff?

That should be nominated to Razzie Awards or it´s equivalent in literature.

Right? I want curly hair so bad for the Forsaken.

Seriously, curly hair don’t go limp when the person is dead!


The “small stuff” is usually good, the overarching arcs are what’s trash.
Anduin had so much potential and then they just…went all disney prince with him and trying to re-do Arthas because they are blonde.

That being said I have to admit I am lucky Draenei did get a fantastic ending to our arc in Legion, best lore in an expac IMO.

Even if we got a punch later on with the Yrel stuff…

Their whole virtue signaling with the racial (IRL) thing was so bad. Apparently only whites, blacks and asians exists but not dead, and asians don’t even look well.

I really want spider web beards for Forsaken.


Good for you Moon, but then again, that´s pretty generic stuff.

Where is the “zombie” feeling on that? Heck, if you think about it since when dropping dead let one adquire neon pink hair (that i use too if you remember my own lock gal) while one was idk… a brunette in life?

See? more evidence EVERY hair color in existence should be made available for ALL the races. That of the Forsaken own the only hair tinctures available on Azeroth and they don´t share with anybody!!!


That’d be amazing, spider web customizations for them in general.

Also dwarves having crazy hair colorus now, when that was a gnome thing lol.

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Omg had it been Disney Prince… he´s an embarrasing ripoff of “4th Shinobi War” Naruto or a direct Boruto clone.

It reached stupidity levels a while ago.

I agree, though personally I´ll add the bit about Fareeya NOT being the racial leader (frankly she worked better. Turalyon and Alleria could keep their weird disfunctional romance without him hijacking a racial leadership spot from the LF Draenei).

Awesome!! then I implore you guys: go say Hi on the thread… to see such low traffic on it is as depressing as their pass was.

If only we get back the skull face some day.

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