Why the lack of Customization?

Eh not always.

If the Shen’dralar were draining it with a more mana tap like ability/spell they’d likely be fine, though I’d still expect green eyes given the lore of elf eyes.

You usually only see the physical type changes when a creature actually ingests or is infused with fel.

I’m not sure I’d give night elves, regardless of potential for it, any type of skin or physical difference due to fel.

Leave that for demon hunters.

It’s just not an important part of Shen’dralar or night elf culture to warrant an option. Imo.

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OMG!!! These Night elf model ideas look AMAZING!!! THIS is what Nelves and Nightborne should look like!! Whose the artist of this so I can throw them my money??!! This needs to be promoted ALOT more!


I also wanted to point out that at the beginning of the seething shore battleground, Nathanos says a few lines to players including “…why aren’t there any dark rangers in your ranks…?”
The alliance counterpart never has said such things before. I dunno, not sure if this little tidbit means anything or not but I would say among other things the dark ranger/sanlayn theme would make sense for the horde
Not trying to continue a debate btw I would love for the discussion to get back on track about what people wanna see with their favorite races :smiley: I’d love to see zandalari trolls get some cool new changes


I’ve got to agree with you here. Allow VEs, NB, and in fact maybe all races to be DH. Also, allow NB to be druids. And VEs can also be void themed Paladins, or shamans / druids.


Actually Fliare is right here the Nelf model looks very different from Illidan’s model, look at how much better the arms look. A substantial Nelf rework is well overdue.

Meanwhile… still nothing from Blizzard about worgen… :frowning:


People are still going to say the Alliance hasn’t been putting forth ideas, even after seeing heaps of threads as detailed and well thought out as yours. I hope you get what you guys want one day. But knowing Blizzard, it’s probably never going to happen because it’s Alliance asking for it :joy:


Just ignore those trolls that say that.

But regardless, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. We also need patience with more customizations, they’re clearly working on them in the background (hence the HMT being included in 9.1.5 and NB hand glow + upcoming face fix).

They’ve said that this patch will focus on AR, but that they’re taking feedback for all races.

Everyone should have a bit more patience and by that I don’t mean stay subbed until then you clearly do not have to, to get what you want. There’s always the choice of coming back to the game when it’s in the state you want it.


I don’t think mana tap has the same effects as siphoning the Fel energies from a demon.

You see, Blood Elves got green eyes not because they mana tapped from demons or because they siphoned it from anyone in particular - it was only because of the radiation of those Fel crystals placed in Silvermoon. That’s it, that’s the sole reason - just because of those crystals, their eye glow turned green.

Siphoning Fel directly from a demon will affect you beyond eye glow. That’s if we’re to respect lore consistency. Today it’s just the rule of cool, sadly.

For Shen’dralar? I would. Not Demon Hunter Fel skins, but some darker skins with reddish tones to reflect their past Fel habits.

I know it won’t happen, though. Because, as you say, it’s not an important part of the Shen’dralar, currently.

This is why I totally feel certain customizations should be their own AR, while a few ARs should be customizations. :disappointed:

Blood Elves used it to stave off their addiction, and I can (could) use it fine on pretty much anything back then.

It was the point of that ability and why it was taught.

I’m well aware, and you know that. Lol

Except we don’t have any real info on how they did so and since they didn’t have any change we kinda gotta go with, whatever they did for it, it didn’t change them particularly.

Fair enough.

Sorry, but I disagree with this idea actually, and I really do disagree with this entirely. First of all, the San’layn aren’t really Horde or Alliance. Yes, I made a thread stating San’layn for Alliance for a bit of sense of humor. But the point is, San’layn aren’t really Horde. Yes, we see them in BfA representing on the Horde side, but they were there on behalf of Sylvanas Windrunner, not on behalf of the Horde.

As for Dark Ranger, they are mostly just fallen High Elves from the 3rd War. Which means, that I would rather see the Undead get another model and receive the Dark Rangers than the Blood Elves.

In the end though, it is up to Blizzard to decide what goes. Not up to you, not up to me. If you have a problem with that, take it up with Blizzard.

Mind you the massive back lash towards Blizzard from all the Blood Elf fans when Ion stated that the Blue Eyes were not going to receive the Blue Eyes as customisations options.

Yeah, I’m upset Worgen have been left in the dust :frowning:

:thinking: Not that I disagree with the tattoos and scars, but honestly, why should the Blood Elf players actually receive more customization options when a few of them have been quite spiteful and ungrateful with what they have been given? Instead of well, providing the actual feedback, looking at a few threads, I see a few of them arguing in bad faith against other people requesting for something.

Like seriously ¬_¬

Yes, I would like to see more customization’s for the Blood Elves, but I wouldn’t be picking an argument in bad faith against another player requesting for something else.

Oh hell no. You’ll put the Dwarves out of business.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Nightborne Druids actually. They would be an eye opener for the Nightborne fanbase.

Please no. How about we request for Night Elf Paladins instead. They make a lot of sense.

Yeah… not sure how that counters what I said, though? I said mana tapping from creatures wouldn’t affect (in the sense of “consumption consequences”) you the same as siphoning Fel.

Yes, I was just explaining why the Shen’dralar should have imo more physical changes than just a green eye glow. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry is that what you got from my post? Because it would seem to me to be added context that like wasn’t there and then trying to play gotcha in the hopes I wouldn’t be able to adequately defend my position because that wasn’t even what I was talking about to begin with.

To be clear if I had spoken from a “I believe its up to me stand point” to the extent you felt the need to tell me its not up to me, I would have added how I Blizzard should remove current HE options on VEs especially if they continue to leave BE customizations as lacking as they are, but I didn’t say that because that wasn’t the context or point I was making but I suppose I’ll point that out now for clarity.

I do hope that wasn’t the impression I gave with my post but I don’t believe it was, generally I go by a stance of believing we have two eyes and two ears for a reason to read and listen more than we talk so maybe it was just a matter of like I said adding context to my post that wasn’t there.


So are you here just to say no to everything?

There’s literally nothing wrong with troll beards (?).


I think I may of just mistook your post Lannisterian, but I am more of just replying to also previous comments. Please don’t take me out as a bad person if I look at things from a different perspective.

No, I am just here to say no to anything outside of Dwarves, Gnomes and Humans.


Are you Garithos’ reincarnation?

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What a fun thing to wake up to haha


I would love to see nightborne druids. They could definitely make it work into the lore, throughout the majority of the suramar quest chain a night elf named Valewalker Farodin helps us grow and sustain the arcandor tree and frees all of the nightborne from their addiction to the night well. Considering this, and since nightborne were night elves from the root, he could guide them back on a more druidic path that some of them used to follow. Due to their exposure to the night well, their Druid forms would be mana/arcane-touched. Their cat form could be reminiscent of mana sabers as well as their bear form, their flight form could be a smaller version of the purple hippogryph you get from the glory of the legion hero achievement, their travel form could be an arcane stag with glowing antlers/arcane runes/lines like all the different mana sabers do. There’s lots of unique ideas they could incorporate with this theme :slightly_smiling_face:







Edit: I imagine though that their flight form would be some sort of Arcane owl :stuck_out_tongue: