Why the lack of Customization?

i could care less honestly

You mean… you “couldn’t” care less.

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:roll_eyes: i didnt know this was an english class zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I mean you seem to think that basic concepts of math are opinions… so might as well add english onto it.

Just don’t really understand how you don’t get what Tarrok is saying and kinda have to agree with Aco that you sound a lot like you’re trolling.


ANYWAY back to the topic of the thread that chart shows who has the most and the least

Notice how low still NB and LFD are , I still think Lightforged and Nightborne still need a few more things in order to be complete . The more smaller eyes and hairdos is a happy start for Nightborne . But i get so sad that for both Lightforged and Nightborne that i cant really see those new tattoos that much . I wish the devs would make them a bit more noticeable. They are really so opaque its quite sad . I also think that Lightforged should get a very light purple pink skin tone to match their new ashy purple / white& baby pink hair colors . I think it would make those new hair colors pop . I am most frustrated with the lightforged skin tones as they all look like undead draenais rather then lightforged draenais , like if they should make some of them without the weirdish undertones where they look undead wed be golden . Like normal draenais have some skintones that are so bright i think those shades would work well for lightforged , also maybe add an onyx shade would be cool . I would also want them to release that black n purple rumored lightforged heritage armor set . it would look so cool . oh and one more thing if they could give nightborne the npc gears the ones that are skimpy and have the cool galaxy effects on it . I was kind of disappointed that Nightborne didn’t get those as the heritage armor set .

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So trolling and can’t think of a way to keep the troll up huh?

Very good.

Here Blizz. Take a look at these threads for Worgen wants.


im done with you 3 harrasing me im not going to even respond to you anymore , i was over the numbers this hrs ago its opinions on if the chart if right or not and thats agree to disagree its not trolling its diff opinions but im over it and have been over it , so leave me alone

Could just admit that looking at the raw numbers is fundamentally flawed. But go off I guess.

typical by the playbook.

Wow, Blood Elves got ALOT of jewelry options compared to other more meaningful options (like hair style, tattoos, scars, damaged ears and various other racial flavor.) But I still disagree with the fighting and hostility.

PS: The Devs would probably do a better job if they didn’t have to wade through hundreds of posts arguing and putting down others.


I took Fallyn´s premise to heart, have those individuals on ignore and moved on… however anytime someone from “that side” comes here with their lowkey baiting + lowkey not subtle attempts to tell core racial posters to “WaIt AnD sEe” I just can´t control myself.

It´s the peak of entitlement, if they are such hardocore supporters of more customziations fro everybody why are they now trying to silence other player´s petitions?


It is getting tiring. I just wanted to point out that while there’s a big huge number for the belf women, all those jewelry options really inflate it. And at least personally I’d rather they did some cosmetics slots on the paperdoll for our characters rather than tying in jewelry to the barber shop.

I’m also thrilled to see that all these new boots have been added to the game, which will leave me with the amazing option of still just one pair I’ve gotten that actually shows up. (Seriously, they stuck what, 2 pairs of boots per armor type or something that show up on hooves in the Odyn based instances of Legion, and that’s it?)

I understand why people are angry. I just wished it’d be put into a more constructive form. No one should be silenced. Every voice deserves to be heard. I for one welcome more customization for everyone. I can see valid points on both sides of the argument.

Blood Elves should get more meaningful options that physically change how they look in a distinct manner. I don’t feel the jewelry does that. Like every WoW race, Blood Elves are complex and multi-faceted people who shouldn’t be made into a stereotype of vain, beautiful but weak elves.

They survived a zombie armageddon, have farstriders, and are adept in multiple types of combat. They should have access to the scars, damaged ears that night elves have and options that reflect other elements of their race.

Same here~ They did go pretty overboard on the jewelry and in my opinion most of it wasn’t that great.

However, a lot of other races didn’t get equal treatment either.


i still think that blood elfs and void elfs should get tattoos but i want mine to be void like and nothing like allerias belfs can have those kind


I really hope they switch back to core races at some point and bring the quality.


Jewerly is a terrible customization asset by design. Cause it doesn´t come with a color wheel, ergo more times than not the color of the jewerly ends up NOT matching the tmogs one is trying to build… and as a result, they look like this weird colored spot that removes equilibrium and balance from the whole toon. And then what people ends up doing: not using them.

Ergo a billion options of jewerly easily become… nothing. Cause more times than not one ends up ditching them to keep the visual beauty of one´s tmog.

Definitely agree there. I kinda sympathize a bit with the belves since Tauren came out good just in raw numbers, but nothing really felt all that impactful to me, so I guess I get that feeling of yeah, we do have a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t good stuff that we wanted.

side note to add i also think that everyone could use better makeup options for every race

That sounds fair, however, I’ve seen void elf players ask for farstrider tattoos just in colors different to that of the Blood Elves. More void options would be nice to improve the void fantasy. I personally would like to see starry galaxy colored hair for void elves.

I believe they will for some reason, but I’ve been disappointed before.

That perfectly sums up the problem making jewelry a majority of the customization options. I don’t use them on the characters I play. I will admit I did try them out of a few characters to see how they look in game. Not everyone wants to wear gold and red or to build their tmogs around jewelry.

For me it’s quality more than quantity.

Let’s put more energy into helping each other get what we want instead of standing in each other’s way. Tauren need more faces, imo.

Super agree! Makeup for everyone!


this is what i would hope for i cant stand the helf ppl i just am happy we got light skin purple eyes and now black hair but id like some void theme tattoos aswell . Unlike some ppl im happy to be a void elf and o im so jelly of that insane teal skintone the nightborne got its so bootiful i want that skintone for void elfs

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