Why the lack of Customization?

Just because she holds a position doesn’t mean she’s biologically relatable. She ain’t. If she had been in Telogrus and there when some random ethereal got a hair up his butt and suddenly tried to make everyone explode with void goop, I’d agree. But that’s not what happened lol

Unfortunately, this is where disagreement sets in.

No matter how one views it, the fact remains we’ve been given settlements, even reputation factions for a race that used those very same assets. High Elves. The Silver Covenant. These were blatant Alliance groups, and from the moment Blood Elves were added in Burning Crusade, virtually all of their assets were used on this Alliance race, on these Alliance organizations and factions.

That the Blood Elves were playable and High Elves weren’t isn’t being argued, but while High Elves were present in Stormwind and other Alliance settlements, I don’t think one can argue that the customizations, the race, purely belonged to the Horde by any meaningful metric. It was a race divided by the factions, and that made them interesting, both sides.

The fault here lies in Blizzard for not distinguishing High Elves from Blood Elves by any meaningful visual means other than blue eyes. Allied Races would’ve been the chance to do so. Make a High Elf allied race, update their NPCs. Different hairstyles, maybe a different stance the way Nightborne had a different stance, but no. We didn’t get that. I can’t imagine we will in WoW’s lifetime.

The opportunity has been lost. Its time for Blood Elves to get some new things, but its no longer possible to create any sort of justification to add a Blood Elven customization and deny it to the Void Elves, not when Void Elves came from Blood Elves, and Blood Elf players have spent years constantly stating they are High Elves.

Dark Rangers/San’layn, Felblood Elves, Light-based customizations, are all things Blood Elves would have that Void/High Elves wouldn’t, and I think adding those things which are asked for will do more for Blood Elves in the long run than trying to ask for more Blood/High Elf customization and then claim it only for Blood Elves, or vice versa. Farstrider/Ranger tattoos/warpaint and scars are not something that is unique to High/Void Elves, and any such customizations made for them should be applicable to Blood Elves.

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I wasn’t arguing that at all about the tattoos. I don’t care about those. I’m merely pointing out biologically that Alleria became a void elf through different means and shouldn’t be used as ammunition involving their genetics because she genetically became “a void elf” through different means.

And aesthetics aren’t biological??

The whole point is that she holds a position of authority and respect over the Void Elves, she’s their savior. It’s the most natural step they would choose to emulate her. That’s why saying she’s irrelevant to the discussion is such a wild take.


No one has been using her genetics as ammunition though, it’s only been said that

  1. She has the quintessential ‘farstrider look’
  2. She is the leader of Void Elves

Ergo, other races can emulate their leaders in looks, ergo VEs can request ‘farstrider customization’ or better put ‘to look like Alleria’s non-void look’.


While you’re at it, please add more customization options for Worgen, such as:

  • Customizable teeth/fangs, including an option for realistically sized/proportioned wolf-like teeth.
  • Upright (Non-hunched or less-hunched) stance
  • Make them 10-15% bigger
  • Jet black fur option
  • Tail options

See this thread for more discussion:


I disagree heavily. I love void elves. None of my void elves would want to ditch their void aesthetic to emulate someone who is kinda like them.

I’ll be real, I’m a roleplayer. I RP void elves. None of my void elves would wanna ditch who they are now to go back. I find that logic backwards.


If I’m not mistaken, you were arguing that Farstrider customizations are not a Void Elf thing because they’re mainly a group of magisters and Alleria (according to you) is irrelevant in this sense.

If that’s not your stance, I apologize for misunderstanding you.

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No, I haven’t brought up farstrider tattoos once. I was solely responding to the idea of Alleria having some kind of influence on anything, as I don’t think she should.

Oh so do you speak for ALL Void Elf players now? Come on, it’s not hard to realize other VE players would have different perspectives :frowning:


Hopefully you’ll keep this stance when Velf fans ask for Belf stuff like the green eyes (already seen in this thread) and the runic scarifications (done here too), and seen on Belf NPCs only like Rommath and the Belf contingente in Ashran.

Cause while I perfectly understand that asking to look like another’s race well… Racial leader is silly AF Indeed, wanting to look like the iconic members of a military organization affiliated to one’s favorite race is perfectly sensible. And it’s not our fault the artists don’t have the time to update every freaking Belf Farstrider NPC out there.

Tl;dr: if Magnificent is silly for asking to look more alike the classic Farstrider look of the RTS games, the guys on your side wanting to look like Rommath are just as silly, period.


Oh, my bad then, sorry.

I never once said I speak for all void elf players. I said directly “None of my void elves”. I disagree with the notion that emulation should be a guaranteed thought process though, as it feels overly generalized. Read what is there, not what you want to be there.

If we’re gonna go that route:

This is you speaking for everyone, is it not? I didn’t take it that way. Do not take me talking about my thoughts and my characters as me doing the same. Again, read what is there, not what you wnat to be there.

I think this is a little nuanced.

Alleria is a Master of Void Magic, to the point where her knowledge and skill eclipses anything any Void Elf can do. That she should have influence of the Void Elves goes without saying; they should all be aspiring to achieve the same feats and mastery that she is capable, that she has proven is possible.

Where that translates to customization is where I agree with you; there’s no logic behind the idea that some warpaint will make one a better void wielder. By the same token I don’t think its illogical for people to want to emulate their leaders either, and if they can’t do so in practical ways, then in more aesthetic ways might be enough for their own sense of ego.

To walk down to the barber and get some warpaint to honor the first Void Elf isn’t unreasonable. It’s just not logical because it doesn’t have anything to do with the void.


Void Elf emotes refer to Alleria… she is an inspiring hero for them.


This is the only thing I care about. I don’t care about void elves wanting to have her level of mastery. Sure, whatever. I’m saying biologically, she is not the same thing, thus she shouldn’t have influence over what void elves get. That’s all I’m stating.

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Then why did you brought up what your VE’s would do when we are talking about the generality of a race?

Yes, some VE’s maybe would like to emulate Alleria, others not. What I am arguing about your point is that Alleria would not be by any means “irrelevant” when it comes to VE discussions.


Void Elves yell “For Alleria!” when you use /charge. Definitely not irrelevant.

This brings up a different matter though; procreation. I believe you’ve agreed with me before that Void Elves logically cannot procreate biologically (if I’ve confused you with someone else, please forgive me). For this race to continue it needs to recruit. Kind of like the Forsaken, or the Worgen.

New Void Elves will more likely follow Alleria’s method of training, and thus be more like her biologically, than the first generation of Void Elves which Umbric and his followers consist of. This is the logical course (unless the writers remember there’s a potion that grants immunity from the whispers and decide that could protect Void Elf newborns/children from them).


Again, I am only speaking involving what customizations they get involving biology because she is biologically not the same thing, nor did she become a void elf in the same manner. I’m not talking about culture. I’m saying she should be irrelevant when discussing biology.

If void elves get some tats to follow in Alleria’s footsteps, whatever. I quite literally couldn’t care less. My gripe is the biological.