Why the lack of Customization?

…They’ve responded to void elf fans several times in this thread already. No word on any other races either following Nightborne & LFD when this first started.

People can call us ‘selfish and entitled’ all they want. But the reality is, we’re frustrated that it seems like our suggestions are being entirely ignored.

Again, alls I want to see is a “yes, we’re looking into other races as well, including feedback for blood elves” because void elves now have two themes and can look exactly like blood elves at this point. On that end, I don’t care – but they can be void elves too and have an entirely new theme unique to them.

So excuse us for wanting something unique to our race too. Something that isn’t jewelry no one asked for, and something we are actually asking for.


When you continually get ignored, it tends to make you bitter. Look at the past 15 years of high elf requests if you don’t believe me. We’re fed up.

I don’t even play a void elf but I love the black and white hair options!


What changes? How many times do we need to be a broken record and say no one asked for the jewelry and a gigantic amount of us don’t like it or want it? It’s not some ‘huge amount’, it’s something people are now using as an excuse to say we should get nothing else, and it’s ridiculous.

We’re going to keep asking because, once again, void elves get a bunch of extra bells and whistles while still being us.

Scars and tattoos, for crying out loud, I don’t know why it’s that hard to do that bare minimum.


This is the reality. I’ve given up fighting for my race to be unique at this point, but can we at least get the options we were asking for? Void elves make a request and in under seven days, they get responded to in a patch that wasn’t even supposed to be about them. This screams favoritism and is butchering a race’s look to appease a subsect of people who didn’t even wanna give void elves a chance in the first place.

Meanwhile other races are being ignored, and blood elves have to sit there and watch as their race becomes increasingly less unique over and over. The only people who win in this are the people actually getting things while other people are made to feel like trash.


We’re focusing on these Allied Races right now due to feedback regarding their limited customization options. But don’t worry! We’ve been happily passing along your feedback on the other races as well. :blush:


I’m talking about since they opened up about adding new customization options. At least the posts the blue has been replying to have been polite and not crying about other people getting nice things. Maybe give it a try and then BEs might get something to.

I know its been a lot of VE news so far but they just started. They’re sharing updates as they get them. They never said this was it.


yea but they were always in denial of lore refusing the option to play a high elf thats been there this entire time. and im not even making this up, the canonical status of the alliance ‘high elves’ is that they are a scattered few individuals so rare that they always get mistaken for blood elves, you know because the OVERWHELMING majority of remaining high elves ARE blood elves. that story is completely undermined now. this race is officially a joke

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It’s never stopped.


That’s nice to hear, but that just means we have 2 more years til we see anything happen.


Thank you. This is what I was hoping to see. At least our feedback is being seen, and I hope it’s realized that we’re really hoping to see some uniqueness added to blood elves as well.

And, of course, other core races who were also given the short end of the stick when it comes to customization.

I really hope this continues for all races, and that our customization ideas are taken seriously/looked at, including some of the lore.


But why do the void elves keep popping up seeing as they are probably one of the least limited of the ARs?


Any chance of getting more for the LFD or…?


I heard that you really like elves though.


I don’t understand how you guys made void elves the exception the first time involving the customization options, and can say they’re limited. NB and LFD, sure. VE? They weren’t limited. Meanwhile, you talk about them the most.

I’m going to worry considering all Blizzard has done is continue to give the void elves everything they ask for, and for literal months, ignored customization threads of other people, including going so far as Blizzcon after people provided so many months of information, feedback, options, and examples - to just be told it wasn’t coming and we were done. I really hope you’re passing that along because at this point, it doesn’t feel like the blood elves should have hope.


In the avalanche of posts about Void Elves, you rarely see people lobby for Lightforged Draenei customization. What are those players even looking for to be added?

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just alliance and void elves. and by void elves i mean people who want to play blood elves on the alliance


Thank you!

Although, some of the requested options are only a matter of unlocking them for player characters. Red eyes and DK skin colors unlocked for Nelfs and Belfs for example. I’m sure there are others.


Or, maybe you just didn’t ask and don’t like it. I have friends I rp with who do use the jewels and think they’re a good addition? But, that tends to happen a lot with people who don’t care about anything outside of their wants. They don’t realize they aren’t the only one with opinions, and their opinions aren’t the only one that matters.

But it’s not worth the time arguing, asking is not the issue. Asking is fine, trying to get hostile at the community manager for relaying info is the issue. You aren’t being ignored, none of you are. Get off your high horses. They aren’t going to respond to 300 people a day.

Have fun!


I’ll only speak for myself, but I am dying for onyx skintones.