Why such long downtime tomorrow?

this is a little sad…

I guess I could log into FF14…but there’s nothing to do on there really, either.

Probably realm connections.


WFH, projects all up to date. Trapped in here for 4 months. ugh.

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Probably right, they will be running a massive amount of database scripts tomorrow and integrating a lot of data. Then probably running cleanup and verification scripts as well. Because I suspect players don’t like it when all the things they worked for disappear.

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thats understandable.

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Realm connections.

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Those are on Thursday but this could be a pre-prep.


Maybe they’re doing the legwork tomorrow, so they can just flip the switch on Thursday.

We know for sure it’s not gonna be content, so this is the most likely explanation…

What about the many realms that aren’t getting new connections? Mine (Azuremyst) isn’t on the list yet.

Well either way, this is a major inconvenience. MAJOR!


It’s hard to say how their servers are wired, and how every system interacts with each other. Maybe it’s safer for them this way.

If it was something of interest, like content, they’d have told us in advance. There’s only few possible explanations: Their servers need the extra work, be it because wear and tear, because they’re implementing changes to alleviate server lag, or because they’re laying the groundwork for the realm connections.

Because realm connections

Honestly given that we know they used Oracle RDBMS in the past and probably still do? Each realm is probably just a partition.

Legion Timewalking.

It’s a mandated time off period by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between Blizzard and Hamsters United International (HUI), the union that represents the server hamsters. :hamster:

This allows all the server hamsters to be off work for an extended period for family gatherings, union meetings, and wheel upgrades.

/moo :cow:


See, i told you all!!


They’re connecting some realms so they’re giving themselves more time than usually because sometimes that can get a bit uh…not easy to clean up.

Also consider how realms read other realms. You realm may need to be worked on briefly to read the other connected realms properly.