Why shouldn't Dragonflight's price be increased?

That’s your problem you are waiting for rational argument on these forums? People tell folks how to spend their money on a preorder and even call people idiots for preordering. Yeah rational thought is in the minority here.

But I agree with you. Greatest inflation increase in 40 years and the USA is racing towards recession…people dumbfounded that a price increase happens.


The rational argument is not wanting to have to spend more money.


Thats what I don’t understand. People call on others to not pre-order, essentially telling someone how to spend their own money. They then bash the price Blizzard set, which I think is very reasonable given current economic circumstances, knowing full well they will pre-order anyway because they don’t want to miss the pre-order pet bonus.

Its just funny to me. If they were really upset about the price increase, they would just not buy the product.

because you’re already paying monthly for service. Why should we have to pay even more than normal. Honestly they should just get rid of the upfront cost of the game. Would get more players playing this dead game


No one wants to spend more money on things, especially things they are used to buying at relatively stable prices.

But inflation is a REAL thing. Blizzard has done a great job of not increasing the prices of their games and subscriptions for many years. The price in the US for a subscription has been the same since the game was launched in 2004, i’m actually shocked they haven’t raised the sub cost at this point. And before you say “they have raised it in other countries!” Of course they have. Blizzard is a US based company. Currency exchange rates affect prices in other countries.

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those games dont have a 15 dollar monthly subscription.


Maybe, but that does nothing to perish the desire.

I feel ya.

When I walk into my local grocery store I get sickened when I look at price tags now. Everything has gone up in price, especially the staple items like milk, eggs, chicken, beef, fresh produce.

It’s an expansion to a sub based MMORPG. Looking at other MMORPGs, how much are their expansions?

It’s not a base game. It’s just an expansion.

And for some, raising the price on an expansion after such a bad one, doesn’t give them much good faith.

I understand inflation. I get that it’s not much. I don’t care who does and doesn’t pay for it. I was gifted mine by friends. But let’s not dismiss others and how they feel.


Ok. Stop driving.

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Because the bulk of their profits is now microtransactions, and a lot of players have not been happy with their last 2, 3, or 4 expansions. If someone’s already on the fence of not buying, that could easily push them the rest of the way over.

I say this from the side that’s not buying. There was a chance. It’s a higher chance when the game is cheaper.

When you go to the grocery store you get the milk of the same quality (or close enough) every time. You can say the same from WoW?

Also if the problem is the content of the preorder:

WoD: 50$ = expac + level boost https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/13184836/pre-purchase-warlords-of-draenor™-now-and-get-a-level-90-character-boost

Legion: 50$ = expac + level boost https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/19950406/world-of-warcraft-legion™-now-available-for-pre-purchase

BFA: 50$ = expac + level boost https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/21498532/pre-purchase-battle-for-azeroth™-now

Shadowlands (here things starts to get “expensive”): 50$ just the expac (but they dont say something like "you will get the expac + the hability to choose if you want to be kyrian/necro/venth/nf) https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/world-of-warcraft/23185729/pre-purchase-shadowlands-now

Dragonflight: 50$ the expac and a pet :smiley: (also if you look into the buying page in battle.net they advertise the dracthyr as content of those 50$ so… there could be a cheaper version without the dracthyr?)

So… you are not getting the same gallon of milk as the time past you could call this a shrinkflation (look it in wikipedia)

Ps: Sorry for my english

Let’s see your proof that Acti-Blizz would have had zero profits if they’d sold the expansion for the same price tiers as they did BfA. :slight_smile:

You do realize we’re talking about a video game, right?

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Price increased because yachts are expensive. Cant have poor wittle bobby not getting one.

In all honesty though 10 dollars may not seem like much to some but its a lot to many. The frugal mindset. Besides paying for an over priced item after coming out of a godawful failure of an expansion is bad. Unless players get more to compensate the increased cost, its not going to go the way blizz wants.


I have money. That’s not the point. And I think people have made millions of post explaining their gripes regarding Blizzard and their anti-player / anti-consumer behavior.

Honestly, in the end, these corporations are going to end up eating each other.

Asking for more money while the majority aren’t making more money.

Poverty, crime and corruption have been increasing A LOT in America.

So enjoy the soon coming dystopia future of crime where no one will be safe.


Because they have server maintenance all the time and we’re not compensated for it.

I gave you a reason

Given inflation, we’re lucky that they’re not raising the monthly subscription fee. I work for a tech company that sells software on a subscription model and we just sent out emails last week letting our customers know that the sub prices were increasing by 5-10%.

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Scan your gaze over the items on the supermarket shelf right now. A lot of prices have gone up… but also, the size of packages have gone down. 10 oz now 8 oz… and so on.

It’s everywhere. You’re paying more for your food and getting less. But God Forbid a game increase it’s price by 10 bucks…


(dies laughing)