Why Shadowlands Sucks

I disagree.


Shadowlands is amazing given the circumstances that Blizzard staff have had to endure. We need to be more positive as a whole and offer respect to the devs for the work they have been able to deliver given the known issues within the company as well as Californian pandemic restrictions. They’re doing the best that they can.


I disagree with you that it’s been underwhelming.


Too many buttons, not enough gnomes :100:

And I think it would have been just as good or even better without the entire soulbind/conduit system.


LOL ok no you think shadowlands sucks you dont speak for most players nor do i and frankly the fact you think people agree and think as you do is laughable.

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I’m using this expansion to level up alts.

And to have fun in LOW LEVEL battlegrounds.


Most of patch 9.1 hasn’t even been released yet. The raid, mega dungeon and most of the story hasn’t even been told yet.

The new zone has been pretty fun for me so far. I’ve seen tons of people on the four servers that I play on, jam-packed.

The Burning Crusade is probably one of my least favorite expansions, hated the questing, the zones are pretty terrible, most of the dungeons are copy and pasted and look identical, I did enjoy some of the raids though. The one thing I do like about TBC is how they utilize mob placements in much of the zones. It actually really felt like a world full of limitless armies of the Legion. That is one thing they loved doing is jam-packing the zones with mobs galore.


It sucks because

  1. Players toxic
  2. game toxic
  3. blizz gone toxic

How? Can you elaborate?

Like what?

Why do you think this? What would you like to see?

What are YOUR thoughts, since you decided to make a thread titled “Why Shadowlands Sucks”.

I don’t know why you think it sucks, you didn’t actually say anything.


Wow, this is such a dev-like response. “Nah the game is great. Players are the problem.” The existence of conduit energy alone shuts your entire argument down.


Such a toxic and ignorant take when overwhelming evidence proves otherwise.

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Nah it sucks. Legion showed if Blizzard puts in effort people come back and stay. BFA and SL have just haven’t been able to hold a candle to previous expansions barring WoD.


opinions are not evidence. all i heard was opinions.

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Nope. SL is flawed but I would rather have this than early BFA. Zero question. I HATED early BFA and after finally clearly the first raid I was done and didn’t come back until SL.

Their system designs (in past expansions) weeded out a lot of community oriented people. The “toxic” community is what majority is left over or was attracted.

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Nah, having a blast in Korthia so far.


Did you ever complete the Argent Tournament content during Wrath?

THAT was a chore. Shadowlands is a walk in the park.

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Doesn’t suck per se. But, I’m curious about this content satisfying another long period of time till next patch

I can’t even imagine how delusional the spin is going to become when it’s 2022 - patch 9.1 is still ongoing, and the remaining players are trying to convince themselves that this patch is anything more than stuff that should’ve been available in 9.0 anyway.

Shadowlands sucks because the entrance to the Maw in Oribos is like a giant vacuum.

Other than that, suckage seems minimal to me.

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