Why pay for Transmogrification when

I own a grand expedition yak. I paid for it. I own it. On this yak, there is Mystic Birdhat, the transmogrificator (!). Bought him with the mount. All gear used for transmogrification purposes are applied from gear or weapons I bought, fabricated or earned on gear or weapons I bought, fabricated or earned. So why exactly do I have to pay for each transmog. Where is this gold going !! It’s taken from me but where is it going ? It has to balance somehow right ? So who or what is credited for those millions in gold ?

Well, Mystic Birdhat gets it.

Just like any vender in-game. Though I do wonder about the Lore-gistics of it as it doesn’t seem to matter what you sell even the poorest merchant seems to have enough gold for you.

Do you know what transmogrification actually is? Transfiguration? You are using magic to change an object or its appearance into another. Magic has a cost, as does convenance.

With your logic tailors should be able to repair their own armor, Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers theirs. While I agree with this logic and do think it is unfair we cannot. When you think about what is required to repair said armor, perhaps in relation to what it costs to make in the first place. Those materials cost gold. You are giving Gold to the Transmog vender in Major cities, and you are giving gold to Mystic Birdhat in payment for him using his resources.

I would agree that mogging is overtly expensive. SHouldn’t exceed a 150 gold to mog everything over. Transmogrification IS a perhaps one of the most life giving parts to retail, and I think the price chart to do it could stand to be downscaled a bit.

I’m sure there’s some actual math to justify why the dev’s make it cost so much as far as economy goes, based on averages or something of the like. I don’t believe that’s a good enough reason to charge 800 gold to change appearances to stuff I spent my time to collect.

Some offsets for this would be rewards from something like Trial of Style, where a X-mog voucher with charges is given with participating during that event. [Mog your gear X amount of times for no cost!]

Perhaps some other way when that event isn’t active like a weekly quest to bring resources to the Transmogrification vendors for vouchers.

Back to the real world here. Birdhat belongs to me. And I don’t think you understand the accounting part of it. Where does the gold go ? It matters. Gold can be “transmogged” to CASH in WOW. You can pay a lot of subscriptions with the gold made with transmogs. There is no fairy dust involved here, you don’t change the value of anything, nor the stats. And even if there was, how about a mage doing enchants ? No. I shouldn’t pay anything for transmog. It makes no sense. I control all the elements needed.

What real world, this… is… Azeroth!!

If you mean the Token, yes but how often are you Transmog your gear? If you have enough gold to buy a token in the AH to pay for your Subscription, good for you. Some of us cannot. If you really make that much gold then why complain unless you are constantly changing your mog.

No he doesn’t. The Mount belongs to you. The Mount permits you the convenience of having a transmog vender close. A Vender anyone in the vicinity can use. If you are mounted and I use Birdhat where does my gold go? To you? No, therefore you don’t own him or his services.

That depends on what you think Transmog actually does. If you look at my armor it appears I am wearing some Kurken Padded Chainmail. A level 5 Alliance quest reward from Azuremyst Isle. However my stats do not equate to this item but rather a level 42 piece of gear. Did my chainmail get the stats of the other piece, or did it get “Magically Changed” to only look like my old chainmail? If you argue it wasn’t magic, tell me, are you currently carrying every single piece of armor? Because before the wardrobe feature that’s what you had to do.

Game mechanics aside, it is impractical if not downright impossible for someone to be carrying around hundreds of pieces of armor and clothing without magic being involved somewhere. Considering that you can sell a piece of armor and it remains in your Wardrobe I call Magical shenanigans.

I am so glad you asked, because that is precisely what happens to your gear. A Magical being takes what you are wearing and changes it to look like whatever you want ((Certain restrictions apply)). You may not pay for your gear to be enchanted, but that Enchanter((Player)) still has to use some form of resource. To either enchant the piece of armor directly or apply it to a scroll to be used later.

NPCs do the same thing. In-universe.

The machine is sentient.

I said I shouldn’t pay for transmogs, I never said I wanted to fly to lalaland !

Sorry you don’t like the answer, but that’s why you have to pay. Get over it, or don’t use it. Those are your options.

On the upside, I hear they are adding items in Dragonflight that will let Blacksmiths repair their own gear. No word on the other professions yet but fingers crossed. Maybe Free Transmogs outside of the Trial of Style will be next…