Why Only Three Orbs of Vigor?

I gathered all the Dragon Glyphs early on for my toon on Whisperwind, which gives him a total of seven orbs of vigor.

When I brought my next toon into Dragon Isles, I was prepared to have to do the whole orb-hunting thing again, but I didn’t mind. It was actually kind of fun. But to my surprise, I didn’t have to; my next toon already had all six orbs.

But now, when I brought this toon to Dragon Isles, I see only three orbs of vigor. And I don’t know why that is. Is it because this toon is on a different server, or that this toon hasn’t reached 70th level?

I checked my map for the Dragon Glyphs, but I didn’t see any. And HandyNotes is usually pretty good about those things.

So, what do I need to do on this toon to get my seven orbs of vigor?

If you click the big “Dragon Isles Summary” circle on your minimap

and then click “View” on “Dragonriding Skills and Unlocks”

do you see Glyphs that you already have waiting to be applied to the tree?

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Thank you. I see the problem. I have the glyphs. I just haven’t applied them.

I wish I had known this before. I was doing the Draenor Circuit to level some pets, and I was slogging through with only three orbs of vigor. (This is Loncis.)

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You’ll have to do this with every alt, although you can tailor their “talent” selection to match their playstyles, as much as you can. (Like not taking the faster vigor regeneration while harvesting on your non harvesting alt.)

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