Why not roll alliance for insta BG queues?

Working on my paladin to 60, instant q sounds amazing. Is it actually worth it though?

Yes. We need more people like you! If we can reach a perfect 50/50 everyone will have instant queues.

No stay Horde, No more pvp then it can be #nochanges.


Do you plan to put together an actual crew or just pug life? The pug life isnt really worth it. Alliance are not invested in any match so if things start to go sour, you’ll see a lot of leaving and such because we can just get another match on demand.

If you plan to go with a crew, note it doesnt need to be hardcore, casual is fine, then it is 100% worth it. You can have great fun just jacking around with your friends in BGs at your own leisure.

We just need a million more people like me to make that happen! Glad to help though.

Definitely more pugging than not, I just hate sitting in 30-45 minute que’s as horde, i’d rather play the game.

I’m lvling a Pally for PVP.

Having a lot of fun, and i can get a scoop of how it is on the other side.

I’d suggest you go for a twink bracket then instead.

Doing 60 pug life will probably frustrate you.

Hell yea!

What’s the reason for ally being so frustrating when pugging?

Alliance alt checking in. Almost 42. Looking forward to those delicious instant queues :drooling_face:

Lack of playing the game, I guess for lack of a better way to put it.

Because we have instant queues, there are a large number of people who will just turn and abandon a match if it gets too hard. They don’t even try. Just the way it is when you can get into a match whenever you want instantly.