Why Not Push Back Shadowlands Release?

I don’t understand why the team can’t just delay the release of Shadowlands and keep beta open longer to really get it right with class design and take into account more feedback on the game content before releasing the product. Then they’re not spending the entire expansion playing catch-up.

Is there a legal requirement or something that makes them feel like they must drop it in November?


No. However, BFA has bled a lot of subs and one sure fire way to stop the hemorrhaging is to release Shadowlands this year so people start coming back which is what Blizzard would really like I assume.


While that may be the case, decades have proven that rushing bad games leaves a permanent bad taste in people’s mouths. Delaying a game to ensure a quality product will make people happier.


Duke Nukem Forever is the exception to that rule.


0% chance they don’t release for Christmas.


They need to release Shadowlands ASAP… not delay it.


I would be okay if Shadowlands took a bit longer, more easy gold for me before they get crushed into the ground.

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Don’t quote me, but I remember reading that Blizzard didn’t want to do another Christmas release after Cata before it being difficult to make needed changes post launch because of holidays.

I believe it needs to launch before the close of 2020 or else they’re legally required to offer refunds.


Pandemic would be a valid argument against that.


Are there laws preventing people from seeking legal reimbursement from false advertising due to the pandemic? I know they want the next relief package to include protections so employers cannot be sued for forcing their employees to work during the pandemic…

People will just quit again early.

Folks are expecting a better product than BFA, while it’s not only cheaper but made during a global pandemic, when offices and studios are closed or hard to reach.

It’s silly to expect someone amazing from Blizz at this point, trying to recapture something that has long since died.

The 2020 release was stated prior to the start of the Pandemic…a very valid case could be made that the Pandemic has delayed alot of things, there would be no reason to exclude an expac launch, or are you going to try and hold Marvel to their Phase 4 release too?

As others have stated though I am sure Blizzard is pushing for that 2020 launch because they have shown with the last several expansion that deadlines trump quality

True, but then Blizzard would need to take it to court, I imagine, unless a law has been written specifically freeing companies for liability regarding the denial of pre-purchased goods and services by the agreed upon deadline.

Phase 4 release of what? Movies? I don’t think you can pre-purchase movie tickets like you can a game.


Its a tough one. I am a fan of when Blizzard would not release something until it was done, even if it meant a 6 month delay. BFA however is really not fun, especially 8.3. Pushing it into 2021 would be very bad for them imo.

Rushing is also bad though as you could have problems that take an entire expansion to fix if you do not take care.

Not sure what the correct answer is. I do know my when my sub ends in August sometime I will not be renewing until Shadowlands.

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They’re working just fine off campus.

Pandemic(it’s endemic now, soz) is no excuse to push back a product that you think isn’t finished yet.

Theres a difference in delaying a game because your company downsized and reduced the size of your development team and knowing your product isn’t ready.

They also thought Diablo Immortal would be a good thing to announce at Blizz-con with no info on a Diablo PC game…so their judgement can be questionable at times. “Fine” is relative

And yes the Pandemic is a valid reason to push back a launch if an early 2021 release gets a more polished product


Both would be valid in this case?

It’s because of money and player engagement.

Getting expansions out at key times of the year generate big moolah for ActiBlizz, so sticking to those release windows/dates ensures maximum profit.

Secondly, it’s also the issue of player retention and engagement. Players don’t want to be stuck with the same content for too long, even if it’s good, and crave new things to do/get. It’s why ever since WoD they’ve been making the “end of expansion lull” shorter and shorter and starting next expansions development earlier and earlier, so players can stay engaged and (again) make the game more profitable.

Plus as a player I certainly don’t want to be stuck with the same content for over a year. Even back in the heydays of MoP (5.4) and Wrath (3.4?) people still quit in droves because they got bored of doing the same raid and same dungeons for over a year.