Why not classic +. Every 3 months ( 14.99 per month) is like buying an expansion

So why not classic +. 14.99 x 3 = $45. Its like buying a AAA game, but we get nothing new. Should Blizzard not have to work for our money? There should be devs making new dungeons and raids for classic + based on the money they receive from us.


as long as they charge separately for each, I’m okay with this.

Era ran negative for like 2 years. It has no box fee or MTX, is an online persistent world, and just gave us new realms with alternate rules and changes. They also in thaty time made realms with seasonal changes. What are you feeling was not met?


ah this is the same guy who did the ‘‘I tried classic wow where my changes’’. Troll thread, ignore.

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the sub fee is for retail… classic is just extra and never will be the main priority. Getting classic+ would just be a nice bonus.

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Ok well you cant play Classic without sub

And you cant play both instances of the game simultaneously like with multiboxing.

Classic should not have the sub fee imho. Theres no reason behind it.


So you want them to give you servers for free? Who is going to maintain these servers? There is plenty of reason behind it, you just don’t want to see them.

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Private servers do it for free and do a better job at maintaining those servers. Botters are damned near instantly banned where as Blizzard just lets them roam free.


What private server doesn’t take donations of any sort? You think they aren’t spending money on server maintenance? I also doubt botters are banned “instantly” or near it, maybe in a better timely fashion.

Private servers are not free. They sell your information.

Correct. That was the point; that was always the point. Classic WoW was made specifically to make the WoW that Cata irrevocably changed accessible again without having to go to a scummy bootleg realm. At no point did Blizzard say that Classic WoW was a new and thriving MMO that will be under constant development.

They did. You have Classic WoW. Work was required to make that happen and they gave it to you for no box cost. The sub is just keeping the hamster wheels running.

No there shouldn’t.

Yeah and retail wow which costs the same per month as well as a box price. So really not sure where you thought you were going, oh, a lowbie trash sock puppet making their first post makes sense

Another guy with 0 knowledge on the subject chiming in his 2 cents.

They gave you HC mode. Be happy that you got a game mode that no one play or won’t plays within a couple of week from now.

It was definitely worth their time investment. /sarcasm


Fake news!

WoW Classic will direct you to the new Classic Era realms which will have the latest phase of WoW Classic content in it and will not progress into any WoW expansion content.’


I mean the current vanilla with is 1/4 of classic plus with the pvp reform. But classic plus would probably require some artistic decisions. I mean we will probably get it 4month after a plus servey. I mean you need a population you can’t solo mc, at least not at level 60.

Why would they? You’re paying them anyway.


basically summed up AAA game development and didn’t even realize it.

Because they have a skeleton team milking this old game for money and don’t want to spend any money developing new major features for it. In case you hadn’t noticed, Blizzard isn’t a good gaming company anymore.


How in the world did it run negative? They didn’t develop anything new and the janitor watching the servers isn’t getting all that sub money. Private servers were excelling at era servers without a fraction of the income.

If you’re including Bobbys yachts then you have a better argument.