Why make Martyrdom Interact with SoR and not SotC?!

Why Seal of Righteousness and not Seal of the Crusader?

It would have cost less talent points and Ret paladins could use it this phase without having to give up vengeance since you cannot talent into both with the amount of talent points we have this phase.

Also the AP and Attack speed bonus of SotC synergizes perfectly with Seal of Martyrdom/AoW proc build, why not give these two seals synergy IF you talent into Improved Seal of the Crusader (especially since you won’t enable seal twisting with it)

Pretty sure those are shockadin changes and not ret changes. Ret’s buff was the base damage going up

But Ret also spec into Improved Seal of Righteousness now since its a flat damage increase for a rune that does more damage than Seal of Command+Divine Storm build does (unless fighting specifically 4 enemies), we just don’t have enough talent points THIS phase.

For context, it’s on the path to talenting into Consecration which is part of the end-game retribution toolkit.

Also, Holy/Shockadin at level 60 will be spec’ing into Retribution for reduced seal/judgement cost and reduced judgement cooldown.