Why Kill Slam Spec?

Hotfixing fun out the game while ignoring blatant botting and a general negative PvP experience. They are actually taking time to remove more from the game than they are trying to fix or add.


LOL, if it takes an exploitable (by macro) mechanic for a player to have fun … I just don’t know …

How exactly is this not ‘trying to fix’ the game? Are you, dear Retail alt with 0 posts, claiming it was not a bug?


This whole time I was waiting for swing timer before using slam.

Get over it, slam dps isnt even that hard the normal way. Its easier than hunter what with the trinket rotation and taking gear on and off for big berserking racial

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If a game mechanic is being exploited to make an ability perform in an unintended manner, they should fix it every time. If some random person is hacking they should still fix that ability. If some dude in Org is scamming people out of gold, they should still fix that ability. If someone is DDoS’ing their bg opponent … guess what… they should still fix that ability.

Unrelated issues are not some diplomatic immunity card you can flash around to get your favorite exploit ignored.


Trying to remove more from the game than they are trying to fix…

Hate to break this to you, but removing bugs is fixing. Whatever you expect/want them to do to a “general negative PvP experience” probably would not be.

The fact that Slam reset your auto attack timer was actually the bug , the marco was just fixing it.

This change completely deleted 2H fury warrior raid dps from the game, good job BLZ


but it didnt,

Not true, now you just need a swingtimer addon like we used to have to do it.
I’m sorry you can’t actually play without a macro carrying you now.

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sure , you still have that hamstring windfurry thing , how about fixing that “bug”?

how about rerolling a warrior?

You know its a mechanic difference not just a timer thing right ?

casts on reset the swing timer if the cast bar happens during the swing.
cast inbetween swings and you’re golden.
EDIT: Just to make this simpler for you swing-----slam—swing works if your weapon is slow enough.

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This actually doesn’t work anymore. It’s what the macro was enabling. If you cast slam, it cancels your current auto attack and resets the full timer once it is completed. No matter how slow the weapon, it is no longer possible to fit a slam in between autos.

Ikr? even lets say it does, furry will screw your rotation up . not to mention if the mob is attacking you

Man I was wondering what the fudge was going on with certain warrior’s being able to straight up delete enemies in wsg.

I started inspecting people and noticed equally geared/specced people having insanely different burst. Chalked it up to some type of batching issue. Now it all makes sense. Glad they fixed it.

This was pretty hard to abuse in pvp, if you get attacked and the slam timer is interrupted it’s pretty negligible. HOJ and Sword spec make it easy to randomly global people, so it’s likely you were just seeing that

No it does not. It resets your timer no matter what.

By the way, since you like to talk so big, feel free to throw some parses of you “Playing without a macro carrying you”.

sad trombone

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You didn’t need to use a macro. It was just silly not to use one. If you didn’t use a macro, you could just stop your attacks after starting your slam to the same effect.

Strangely, this and other bugs related to manually stopping your attack existed in Vanilla and private servers, but were rarely exploited for whatever reason—either annoying to use or most people didn’t know about them. You have to remember “/startattack” and “/stopattack” weren’t functions so you always had to manually do it. Similar to how the queueing heroic strike probably existed in Vanilla, but wasn’t documented, there are a TON of bugs that existed in Vanilla that were never clearly documented. All we have to go off of is the word of people who actually exploited them.

It did work differently though. The way it worked before the hotfix, you could stop your attack at any point in the slam cast and had no need to spec into slam. I think there was less room for stopping your attack in vanilla; I think you had to wait till the slam was about to go off or stop your attack entirely before you used slam (I don’t really remember).

In any case, it probably is a bug, but it’s a bug that was, to some extent, vanilla.

Yeah…not sure how Blizzard would do anything about that, since that is something that would happen outside the game and outside their network.

It’s a bug due entirely to strange interactions with artificial batching. This slam bug was not present in Vanilla.

If you wanted to slam in Vanilla, you did it immediately as you were doing a white swing so all you did was push back your next auto an extra 1-1.5 seconds(depending on if you specced imp slam) instead of fully messing with it. Because, it always reset your swing timer to use slam.