Why isn't "Tides of Darkness" available on kindle?

So I am working through reading the various novels. I’ve read Cycle of Hatred, Rise of the Horde, the Last Guardian, and want to read Tides of Darkness next. It seems like all the old books have been re-released and can be purchased on Amazon for kindle. But only 2 so far have not been available. Tides of Darkness and Of Blood and Honor. Is there a reason just these 2 books have been skipped?

I’m probably going to get them as paperback, but because they are out of print they are a bit pricy (on Amazon at least, I’ll check local used book stores and maybe ebay first). But I’d prefer to read them on kindle. I’m just curious why only those two seem to be forgotten.

No idea why but Tide of Darkness has been relatively rare physically as well. Best bet is buy Chronicles of war/warcraft archives for the compilation.


There’s so many issues with Blizzard books in general… so many in different locations are not available on Kindle or have been removed or re-added. Same with the pricing. Here in Australia Cycle of Hatred is still not available and at one point the War of the Ancients series was $100 AUD for the entire trilogy… which is absolutely absurd.

Yeah Tides of Darkness and Of Blood and Honor are very rare to find these days as standalones. Makes sense for the latter since it is a short novel but no idea for the former.