Why is WoW deleting symlink folders now

I’ve made a batch script to automate it, still annoying AF.

This NEEDS a blue response. I provide support for my brother for this and both of us are getting really annoyed that this is happening to both of us.

I tried setting the deny delete, we’ll see where that leads me.

And just to clarify, some people said it might be twitch. It’s not. I have it happening on a computer I don’t even have twitch on. Since I update all my addons from a central PC

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Just throwing in my 2 coppers to say this is happening here as well. Very annoying to have to recreate the links every time I try and play.

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There is another thread about this same issue in which I have posted a work around. It’s dangerous if you don’t understand what you’re doing, but its working for me for now.

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Thanks for the work around. I’ve got it set up and thats a good stop gap for now.

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Sorry for the late reply on this! The Symlinks in the World of Warcraft addon folder being deleted on update is a known issue, this is being investigated by our Battle.net team. I would recommend if you can hold out for the fix to do so instead of trying any workarounds as they may conflict with the fix once resolved.

Thank you!


Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update. This is driving me batty, and recreating the links isn’t always working. Does this mean that they know why it is happening, and the fix is already in the works? Any estimate on whether this will be in the next hotfix?

Yep! They’re working on it! Though no ETA available sadly. Stay tuned!


Can confirm that this is windows-only behavior.

I keep my Interface and WTF folders synchronized between my Windows desktop and Macbook Pro. The symlinks are being deleted with every update on Windows, but survive updates no problem on Mac.

There was a launcher update last week and it did not delete my symlinks like the previous updates had.

There was a classic update yesterday that did delete my junctions.

The battle.net update today wiped out retail symlinks again.

Same it was doing fine until the most recent update.

Confirmed, though it was the patch done to retail, not the battle.net launcher update that caused the symlinks to be deleted.

When I went to my second machine, I saw Zaphon is right. Launcher updated before the patch was downloaded and symlinks were fine. Once the warcraft patch finished, symlinks were gone.

Yep, seemed fine for some days, links gone again.

My links are gone again, so I came to the forums. I’m glad you’re aware of it. Please note that it works fine on Mac right now so please don’t break it there when you fix it for Windows.

I thought I was going crazy and was going to have to make this obscure post about symlinks that would never be answered. Glad to see there are others out there who use them too.

And, again.