Why is Wing Clip still 30 focus?

(Gworks) #1

Crippling Poison- Free
Infected Wounds- Free
Hamstring- 10 Rage
Disable- 15 Energy
Chains of Ice- 1 Rune / 10 Runic Power
Wing Clip- 30 Focus…been this way since legion…Seriously WTF…you realize this costs as much as a raptor strike/ mongoose bite right?

8.2 Hunter changes so far:
Change to Hi-Explosive trap…thats it…

Wing Clip- changed to 10 or 15 focus < This needs to happen.


i agree, but to be fair explosive trap is getting buffed. its a static 60 damage atm, going to 57% of ap. I think it’ll end up hitting a little harder than a kill command? Still not a lot of damage.

(Gworks) #3

oh ok I read the change wrong, I thought it was 60% down to 57.33% but its still a meaningless change. Nothing along the lines of what needs to happen.