Why is Unleashed Inferno so much worse than Sun Kings?

I don’t know if the title really gets across just how big the gap is on this talent choice i know active should do more damage than passive talents but damn.

Just as a though experiment and i know sims are 100% accurate but i decided to drop talent points out of my tree entirely with SKB to see if ide do less damage than if i took UI and it wasnt until i dropped my 4th point that it was less than just taking the other choice which i just find wild.

I hope theres some adjustments with War within because my fear is that some specs will feel better with UI and it just wont be an option because the gap is and has been so massive.

There is a nonzero chance that sunfury will save ui as sunfury only summons the phoenix when you personally cast combustion. The damage the thing is doing right now is insane, so that extra few seconds might just outso skb, we’ll just have to see.