Why is this server still alive and why can't i transfer to mankrik

this server is DEAD and blizzard, shame on you for keeping it active

brutal glad gear came out and i can barely find mongoose, barely find anyone to cut epic gems, and ya’ll think old blanchy is viable? suggesting people transfer from grobbulus to old blanchy is actual insanity. i have characters on grobb, and when i went to get mongoose for brutal weapons i had 10 people whispering me after i posted one message in trade.

of course, my whole guild is on mankrik now, i go to move my main over there because i stayed a little while on old blanchy longer for personal reasons, and of course, now i can’t join them.

i’m half a mind to just cancel my subscription. old blanchy should have been shut down ages ago.

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I know your Guild is on Mankrik but Ashkandi is Horde dominant and has 10 times the horde Old Blanchy has according to ironforge pro. May be an option other than paying blizz a boost over on Mankrik to start over. Hopefully things work out for you.