Why is there no outcry against the real cheaters?

The number is minuscule compared to the number of threads ranting about premades. So they become invisible.

To be fair blizzard has come a long way in closing the loop holes that cheaters use but for everyone they close ppl always find new ones.

…everyone knows bots are allowed. They pay a sub. Activision-Blizzard gets a pay check just for allowing them to do what they want to do.
Consider it a rule that you arent allowed to bot, but there is no policing force that actually stops them. At this point if you pay a sub, blizzard wont ever harm you. They need your money.

I thought this was a pretty funny idea to address the problem.

Yet there are no threads decrying them

Probably cause blizzard won’t do anything about bot’s I’ve seen the same lv. 1 log on every hour for the past month to post on the AH

Because there’s rules about naming and shaming.

I haven’t played for a long, long time. So I’m not familiar with this rule. Do I need to remove the video because it gives a botter’s name?

I think, the answer is quite simple: people don’t complain about issues because they would make the game better in general. People complain because doing so has a potential to give them more at no risk to losing anything.

It might not be a rule anymore, but it seems a reasonable reason that you don’t see constant threads calling them out. Something about harassment/dog piling/witch hunting.

I think any flak they get is deserved, but that’s just my opinion. I see botters on the beach in Azshara all the time and report them yet they’re still there day after day.

Blind much? There are lots of threads about botters here and elsewhere.

Not, it wasn’t. It was to cheat. It was to deliberately avoid a restriction Blizzard DELIBERATELY put in place (no joining as a premade) so that you could more easily dominate Horde PuGs and cheat.

You weren’t reducing the cheaters on your team, you were ensuring your entire team were cheaters.

And yet it only worked for Alliance. Horde still had to suffer with them. Weird.

There have been. Try not being blind.

And AFKers aren’t cheating. If they aren’t going AFK and getting auto-booted, theyre just being jerks, not cheating.

OTOH, if you were pre-mading…

You were 100% deliberately cheating. Deliberately.

You were the “REAL” cheater.

But keep telling us how you weren’t really cheating even though Blizzard said it was cheating and tried to stop you from doing it.

Youll eventually believe the lie into existence.


You must be new here.

Bots and afkers are paying subscribers too so I would assume that has something to do with it.

LOL. yeah cause AV was just FULL of horde premades. Just brimming full with them.

To me, an outcry is a LARGE number of threads decrying an activity. It is not a few random threads here and there that get buried and ignored.

This is not true.
Many, many horde believed it was impossible. But a small number of them worked out their own method after finding the Alliance method did not work so well for them.

You can find a video on youtube about Horde AV premades. In the description the guy explains that the method they used in the video didn’t work as well as they hoped and went on to describe a method that worked better.

I clearly described some AFK situations that I do not consider cheating. I clarified what I meant by AFK cheating.

But you make a blanket statement that AFKers aren’t cheating. You give the impression that you condone all forms of AFKing including the kind that intend to leach off of others.

I also listed botters as cheaters. You avoided mentioning them.

Actually, Blizzard did not say it was cheating.

They were ambiguous about whether it was cheating, or was not cheating. It, along with several other things were listed as

  • pain points
  • unfortunate behaviors

Personally, I found this ambiguity disturbing.

I pugged for the first month when battlegrounds were released. I joined a discord group for 2-3 weeks. After the changes, even though my discord group switched over to the method they referred to as the Horde method of queuing, I went back to pugging due to the ambiguity of Blizzard’s statement.

It has been such an unpleasant experience, among other things having to listen to people justifying AFKing, that I now go days without queuing up.

I might attempt to find an actual premade for WSG. But my server, Skeram, has very few Alliance left on it. So it might not be a viable option.

Given that it’s nearly impossible to do anything in the open world on Skeram and given that the bg’s are currently a misery, I might also simply unsub. I do have a nice guild, and raiding is decent. But it’s not enough for me.

I always loved battlegrounds, but I only like them when playing with people who actually have plans and strategies. Pugging is only enjoyable in low level bgs on a fresh server. It’s where you meet the people who eventually become your team.

We never had that shot here.

And there go the goalposts, folks. Argument destroyed? Pretend it wasn’t your argument.

Just to let you know, it doesn’t work on me. Ill call you out on it 100% of the time.

YOU dont get to define what is and is not an outcry. And there have been dozens of threads. As in, more than 24. Thats a lot of threads. One got up to several hundred posts before it got locked.

Well, whoopity do. (And by the way, that “better method” still led to 40+ minute queues and about a 30% success rate of actually getting your premade into the same BG)

Whereas Alliance could reliably do it just about every single time, and had instant queues to boot, so even if you failed, who cares?

Its not remotely the same at all. You’re trying to invent some false equivalence where none exists to excuse your crappy behaviour. That wont work on me either.

It doesn’t matter why they are sitting in the cave not helping. If they aren’t -actually- AFK, they aren’t cheating. It isnt against the ToS. Its not cheating.

It IS being a jerkwad, but it isn’t cheating no matter how much you try to move the goalposts.

YOU dont get to define cheating; Blizzard does. Not you.

Also, nice attempt at a strawman there in italics. I even said, i the first post, that it IS being a jerk. I never said ANYTHING about whether i approve of it or not. If i IMPLIED anything, it was that i DONT approve of it.

Uh… no? I didn’t avoid anything. There’s no point bringing them up since it IS clearly against the ToS and IS cheating. What do you want, a cookie for stating the blazingly obvious? Or pretending that it doesn’t affect Horde equally?

You’re under the mistaken impression that i was saying that Blizzard RECENTLY said it was cheating.

That is NOT what i said.

Blizzard said it was cheating 15 years ago. When they removed the ability to queue as a raid.

Its STILL cheating today. It hasn’t changed. Not one bit.

Blizzard set up a system to PREVENT you from doing a thing.

You exploited faults in that system to do the thing they specifically prevented.

That’s the definition of cheating in the ToS.

You were a cheater.

Straight up.

Moreso than any AFK jerkwad. Less so than Botters (as that is an entirely different class of violation of the ToS), but its pure, blatant, and unequivocal.

Blizzard says “no joining this as a raid”

You do it anyway.

That’s cheating. Straight up.

The REAL cheaters were you and any alliance abusing the system to do something Blizzard specifically disallowed. (And, to be completely fair, any Horde doing it too).

You can try to move the goalposts all you want, but nothing will change that unalterable truth.

You’re the REAL cheater.

Make your peace with it. It’s not a debate. You did it, and you admitted that you did it.

Best not be talking about the hard working fisherman. Have some respect

I am still waiting on an MMO that, after enough bot reports are in on a character (say 10), sends it a captcha test. If it fails, a GM checks up on the character sometime sooner than later. 1 week ban then permaban if caught a 2nd time.

1 captcha a day so it can’t be used to grief.

I made a thread calling for blizz to reset someones rank to zero if they were caught afk farming or botting.

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I don’t have to pretend.
I did not come here to argue. I came to have a conversation and to brainstorm solutions.

Botting is Cheating. AFKing is not.