Why is there 3 exemplars of exact the same pet?

Not long ago I decided to finally try pet battles and this segment got me confused.
I’m sure it isn’t the first time this question appears here, but still:

What’s the point of having 3 copies of the same pet and do I need to collect all 3 for whatever purpose?

Typically if its a strong pet with great moves I will collect 3 of them. For example I used a 3x rabbit combo with speed. Its speed allows me to go first and get the early advantage.

You do not need to acquire 3x of each pet, but you will need a good variety from each family to get you going.

Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies dotcom is a good starting place. Good luck!


I like playing 3 of the same pet like Fiendish Imp or Hermit Crab in pvp pet battles (for the Family Brawler achievement), those are very toxic but evry time I tried a random team I lose miserably.

Didn’t know there is a whole website dedicated to pets.

Just figured out that is the main and probably only reason to collect 3 of one.

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You can also check out https://www.warcraftpets.com, it’s a good place to start.


Some PvE pet battle situations, like the Celestial Tournament or pet battle dungeons, don’t allow healing between fights. Having multiple copies of a pet allows you to use compositions featuring that pet multiple times.


The initial design reasoning behind collecting multiple pets was for breeding. Its why some pets have more than one breed. That feature however never saw the light of day.

For breeding?
You’re not joking now, are you?

No. In fact it was discussed again very early on for BfA. I think when it was actually looked at again though they realize how hugely ambitious it would be and dropped it as supposedly would’ve let a player combined any two pets not just things like a couple of different rabbits or snakes.

Anyway there are addons that list the breeds in game or sites to check outside of, but that can be another reason to have 2+ in game, sometime the P/S breed might give you just that extra you’ll need to get past a boss’s pet.

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If you do pet dungeons having 3 of the same can be very good. Icky and the Darkmoon tonk get used quite a bit. Having them 3 times over can be very beneficial for optimal fights.


For whatever reason my personal preference was to never have two of the same pet. My entire collection is unique. It makes it a little more challenging when doing the pet dungeons, but that is just sauce for the goose.

There are so many pets that have multiple carbon copies that you can pretty much always find a viable replacement.

Some pets come in several color variations and there are collectors even more OCD than I am who have to have a pet of each color scheme.

Scalebrood Hydra, for example, has white belly but back may be Black, Purple, or (rarely) Blue.


I’m glad we have people like you who dig into the small nuances of the game as much. It’s good that there is appreciation not only towards numbers.

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You should try getting 3x P/P breed Nexus Whelplings. They are found in Coldarra in Borean Tundra. Get them to level 25 and make them Rare. Have them use the moveset: Frost Breath, Mana Surge, Arcane Storm. The three of them will end up punching through the defenses of most pet battles that don’t really require a specific strategy and some that do.

It’s also good to have a 2x Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings for certain leveling strategies, but I forget the exact setup at the moment.

Aside from that, I almost always do not collect more than one of a pet. Mostly you’ll never encounter a need for doubles. There’s some rare breed pets you can find on the Auction House if you’re really tuned in to Pet Battles, but I can’t imagine this being that relevant to the average user.

If you want a fun hunt for a secret skin, try for the gold and silver variants of the Mountain Cottontail.

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There are 2 limits that prevent collecting 3 of everything. First is the pet journal maximum size of 2k, while there are over 1k different pets. You just can’t jam over 3k pets into that pet journal. Second is some pets are unique (1), so you aren’t allowed to get 3 of those anyway.

The 3-limit of individual pets is most likely due to the battle system of having 3 pets fight in a battle. Personally, I just recommend getting 3 each of a few of your various favourite fighters and 1 of each of the rest. That way you’ll have enough space for all the pets that get added over time.