Why is the cache of war resources only usable at level 50

In fact this applies to any BOA cache we can send to new alts, and I have a great many in the wings (four covenants, 4 armor types, that’s at least 16 characters that needs to do the covenant campaigns and anima grind for cosmetics) .

Why are there still relatively high level requirements on the cache of war resources (BFA), the cache of order hall resources (Legion), and the huge ogre cache (WoD)? I can start those expansions from level 10 on an alt so I expect to be able to use them from level 10.

And that’s it. It can’t be that hard to do, surely?


Stop trying to be logical! There’s no place in the forums for that kind of talk… It’s like all of the Benthic gear I got from the BOA mission table just sat in my character’s bags until one of my alts finally got high enough to use it - and then they made it to the SL zones and they rapidly became obsolete…

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That would take about 3 seconds to change an integer, and papa Blizzard needs those 3 seconds to develop more stupid hoops for players to jump through.

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The cache of order hall resources has a tooltip that says a player must be level 40 to use it. But if you try at level 40 you get an error message saying you are not high enough level to use it. There is no indication when buying it that there is a minimum level required to use it.

So missing information + false information = small indie company?

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literally an oversight but instead of being like “hey blizz can you fix this obvious oversight” it’s a time played metric conspiracy, something about MAUs or whatever

gobby hates the players? idk

Its just the way people talk in these forums. I don’t think any malice towards Blizzard is meant. I read all the comments as tongue-in-cheek slights against the devs but I don’t think anyone seriously think they maliciously do it.

It does lead me to wonder if those implementing the changes to leveling really sat down and thought it out completely with these oversights though. They seem simple enough to implement/code for and would be easy wins for the team in the eyes of the players as they stumble across them ingame.

So I’m questioning the working culture of the dev team and the way they approach these kinds of issues ingame. Like in the case of using chromie time leveling through an expansion, it wouldn’t take long for a couple of staff trying it in BFA one night to quickly find another closely related annoyance of mine, you can’t go to the end zones to level through until you get to the level appropriate for that zone when it was current. I would love to level from 45 to 50 in Najzatar and Mechagone.

Opening up those zones at an earlier level just opens up the choices for leveling within just one expansion to a player and that would be so awesome. I could Suramar the heck out of my Dark Iron dwarf and still not be bored when I go through Legion again with my nightborne (though avoiding Suramar completely this time cos that would be weird. It’ll be like going through WoD with my maghar all over again but worse).

So I hope the team sees how many hours and hours and hours of fun they will be providing the player base with minimum effort and fix these issues as quick as they can cos players leveling a lot of alts through old content are players who won’t be complaining too much that 9.1 isn’t here yet.