Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

Exactly, it will take no time for these bots that are already spamming boosts to level additional mages.

I know what you’re saying, but Blizzard may have data that shows otherwise.

Even if it’s only 1% of the playerbase, that’s 1% affected by a change meant to limit botting that no longer limits botting. its a change that has no benefit but still hinders the community, even if its in the slightest. a change with 0 benefit is pointless :frowning:

I love having such a fun toolbox of abilities to utilize on a moment’s notice. The entire DPS parsing nonsense is cancerous. To me “playing to my potential” is making use of all of them. Players who min max and only focus on one aspect do not get the point of the class.

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30 per day per character excluding 40-man raid is fine. You need some vitamin D.


Hmm, the words used were “exploitative and automated gameplay.”

Which leaves me wondering whether there may be some significance to 30 unique instances/day as a restriction that somehow helps with identifying botters, or if it’s some some arbitrary restriction that signals “look, we’re doing something,” when it doesn’t actually do anything.

It could also mean that for some reason they are suggesting that running more than 30 unique instances a day is exploitative.

It would be helpful to have some clarity on what this change is intended to achieve.


There’s a little more clarity given in the Hotfix:

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agreed :smiley: I don’t main a pally because of the amazing dps lol

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It’s amazing to me how people use “it doesn’t affect many people” as a justification for this change.

Like, if we just massacred minorities in our country, would that be okay since it doesn’t affect many people? I’m guess (desperately hoping) the answer is no.

Not for you to decide.

Right, it’s for the game developers to decide and it was a good decision.


Are you really asking why people don’t care about something that doesn’t impact them?

I think it was their intent to limit the amount of gold entering the economy. Whether or not this change furthers that goal is an open question…

Yeah this a weak reason to support the change. If people have more time or ability to dedicate to something then it shouldnt be a level playing field. Im sure you got your soccer participation ribbon on your wall tho.

Yeah, I think the wording in the hotfix from the 8th gives some better clarity.

It’s not for them to decide, either. Just because they decided to limit a playstyle you personally don’t like (either intentionally or incidentally) doesn’t mean everyone suddenly thinks 30 instances a day is fine.

What’s “fine” is up to each individual to decide. Some people might be fine with 30 a day; others might not be.

You’d make a great brown shirt.

And we have jumped the shark at this point. Comparing instance caps to brown shirts.

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Lmao, my thoughts exactly. was funny tho.


It turns out Anne Frank was hiding from the blizzard ban wave while trying to do 35 runs a day.

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Holy crap… You are literally equating a cap on instance IDs to literally being massacred as a minority.


And now you’ve gone full Third Reich


These are just arbitrary rules Blizzard imposes, just like you’re only allowed to do Molten Core once per week. Why not whinge about not being able to do MC multiple times per week?

Frankly, I hate the boost plague on Classic. I think the better approach is to base XP based on the highest level toon in the group.

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Are you really just mad about having to farm MCPs and how that affects your experience?