Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

I smile when I see these threads. Its proof the changes work. If these changes had no teeth, or werent actually effecting anything or were “pointless and not fixing any issues” noone would complain about them.

But people continuously complain. So I know these changes are having an impact.


What if Blizzard removed the instance run cap, and instead reduced the ability for and amount of loot that will drop from mobs and bosses by 5% until it hits 0%, and exp gained also drops likewise.

Then you can still run the instances but you just don’t get loot or exp after 25 runs?

The average player hears 30 instances and thinks “wow, that’s a lot of farming”. The experienced player sees 30 instances and knows how little access that is to content. These are the same people who thought it was great when the cap was account wide. The recent change to make the cap character specific is polishing a turd. It’s a disgusting change given what they ask of us to play this game at all.

Turn off xp in raid content. There’s no reason for endgame content to grant xp. Even now, a level 55-59 player gets nearly no xp when they clear raid content in a full group. Yet, bringing a single group worth of players into ZG can net insane xp/h. Just run off the xp in these zones.

To fix dungeon boosting, turn off group xp when a player 10+ levels over the mob kills the mob. Now boosting is dead, farming is untouched, and running these dungeons as a normal group is untouched. Gutting the ZG boosting also guts the boost bots.

Blizzard will never do these things, which is how I know they’re good ideas.

is your post satire?

I believe comparing a limit on dungeon runs in a video game to massacring minorities is an extension of Goodwin’s Law. You should look that up.

Blizzard started it is entirely meant to limit profits of new bots. It has nothing to do with player behavior, and everything to do with targeting the RMT market.

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Lol @ at all the aggressive players thinking this 30/24 change is because we shouldn’t be spamming dungeons all day and having zero sympathy. As Contention said (and a blue), it has nothing to do with player behaviour and all to do with bot behaviour.

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And when player behavior starts to mimic bot behavior?

Which is when?

Even giant, no life losers have too much of a life to care about it. That’s why.

Well you were just given two points where it does, hitting 5 runs per hour and hitting 30 runs per day :slight_smile:

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That’s not bot behaviour :grimacing:

And blizzard has clearly established they consider that level of dungeon grinding to be bot behavior. So if you’re hitting those limits…

I don’t think you understand what a limit is :grimacing:

These 30 cap threads are on fire! :boom:

Blizzard and every game maker out there does this constantly. Rules are put in place for various reasons whether it is to control botting, slow down content consumption, even the playing field, etc.

Every single rule/limit/constraint in the game potentially affects gameplay. “Legitmate gameplay” is whatever Blizzard says it is and the rules permit. This is the same for every game out there. The game compaines make and enforce the rules and rules change.


Nah, it seems hottest when the flames die down and it’s all charcoal embers. But actually that’s when the fire begins to burn out. While this issue will smolder for a long time mostly it’s beginning to burn out. Most have accepted the rule change and are beginning to move on.

I mean I boost on my mage and I’m very temped to boost a mage on my second account for an extra 30 lock. That is one way people are moving on. It is certainly annoying releveling another mage just for this purpose of course.

Life is full of small annoyances.

I’m pretty indifferent to the cap, although I think some people are being especially whiny about it (which is saying something). I think it only affects a handful of fanatics. Which probably explains why they are being so persistent… they’re fanatics. But if it cuts into the profits of the botters even by a little, then the positives probably outweigh the negatives overall.