Why is Ret getting a rework?

honestly i dont wanna hear sh!t from a priest lmfao

It’s possible to reply to multiple posts simtuaenously.

Empowered felstorm doesn’t do 250k damage cut my life into pieces.


How do you think SV hunter plays?

I actually don’t even know how I’d add an extra damage spell jfc


If this “biggest single number” stuff mattered, me and my 110k max star surge would be c tier and aff would be undisputed f


God I love Duck sarcasm.

I see demos all the time, probably just you.

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I’m late to the thread, but:

I love watching Retribution Paladins horse when they don’t need to then die with bubble up.

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ret has been in beta testing this whole time

“WhY Is ReT GeTtInG a ReWOrk”

Oh please get over yourself. Yeah enh is trash, doesn’t mean that ReT isn’t trashier and doesn’t deserve to be fixed. Just be patient for yours.

Ret is balanced around not having mobility so their class is either OP/one shotting everything or the worst class in the game. Holy has the same problem.

Prot Paladin is so bad that they had to banish them to the shadow realm of elo hell.

Not just ret, but every paladin spec should be reworked immediately. Like, only keep final reckoning and blessing of sac, every other cooldown needs to go.

yeh you guys literally can’t read. when did i say its unplayable right now. it was nerfed in wod. and told that they didnt want us to play it

yeh na bro, show me the actual post that says all ret damage reduced by 25% , look whos talking, trying to insult me lol

another warrior that can’t read it was during wod and told by hazzikostas that they didnt want us playing demo as it was getting a rework. no other spec got nerfed that hard from getting reworks.

I’d say survival is the same tier as enhance tbh.

It’s Dragonflight bro, WoD was like 10 years ago.

Demo has been good multiple times since then.


:wheelchair: :wheelchair: :wheelchair:
:wheelchair: :wheelchair:


To quote Asmon, “It has nothing to do with the class, but the players.”

if you do the math, it equals to a 30% nerf.
are you stupid? or momentarily suffer a bump to the head?

rets wod heals critts for 15k, while other classes elf sustain critts for around 70k
shut up lmao

and everyone wants to put asmon down untill what he says benefits them

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I don’t think I’ve ever said anything negative about Asmon, or his fan base.

This is the only reply you’re getting from me, considering you’ve triple-posted nothing but insults raging all over this thread.

Seek therapy. Or a different hobby. Whichever one gets you away from me the fastest.