Why is Multiboxing allowed in game?

lol so old, relics of history :slight_smile:

I’ve seen posts from people who see areas that have been cleared of botters. Also, it’s always fun seeing people who claim they didn’t do anything wrong.

I mean, if that were really true, we’d see things like additional character slots on the Blizzard store. Sure, they are out to make money, but they have limits.

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Money, mostly.

Also lets Blizzard report bloated Subscriber numbers. When they report to shareholders the number of unique users still playing the game they get to count each multibox account as a user.

Subjective accounts from people should not objective conclusions make.

Just give blizzard more time. I’m sure Saul Goodman has more ideas up his sleeve.

I don’t agree with it and I wouldn’t do it myself. I still see it as an issue, but people have presented good arguments for it. And above all if blizz won’t do anything about it, guess there is not much else to discuss about it.


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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :+1:
did you see the one poster in here last year who was crying because he got banned for ‘nuthin’ ?

“Oh…yeah…I have macro keys on my keyboard but as I told blizzard I only used them ONE time”

Oddly I accidently bang my macro keys from time to time trying to hit escape and I aint been banned…so someone wasnt being forthright. lol.
Difference probably is my macro keys arent even set up to do anything and Im sure IF they see them being hit its not at any point that it’d make any difference anyway…like anytime youd hit escape…like never when it matters, lol.

This guy was seriously trying to lay it on thick how he dindunuffin and blizzard just banned him and his macro keyboard for no reason at all :laughing:

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the entire cry fest against boxing is subjective material, guy.
One guy will toss a fit about something 10 others wont even notice happened


I agree to an extent. But it is objective enough to create legitimate controversy on how Blizz decide what is considered banned gameplay vs not.

Some have argued it revolves around whether Blizz can make more money off of it or not.

The complaint is in some ways the dichotomy of Blizz saying that botting is bad but boxing is good.

IMO, and many others, the differences are nuanced and therefore sets the platform to point out one obvious difference in relation to Blizz: they get more money from one and not the other.

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Obviously doing what the majority wants is in the companies best interest.
But based on my experience with this game the last three years blizzard isnt in a habit of doing the ‘best’ thing. they seem to be bent on doing what Ion wants…whether its a good idea or not…WoD and the entire flight fiasco come to mind.

Even if boxing were bad for the game, if certain people up top liked doing it I doubt that even if it were best for the game it’d be banned anyway.
Point being that objectivity doesnt often matter to some. If it did we’d have learned some hard lessons and not made the same types of insane mistakes for what…three entire expansions now?

Id like to that that was the motivator, honestly. More happy customers = more paying customers. How many subs were lost 2015ish and forward?
All that lost revenue seems to be pretty much the direct result of stupid decisions …and not only being made…but being doubled down on.

I dont know what business model blizzard uses, but I’d suggest finding another one, for Warcraft, at least.

What theyre saying is that 5 characters is 5 characters. The invisible number of players behind them isnt relevant to the game as a whole.
Botting doesnt need players to PLAY the game. It is the antithesis of ‘playing’…and therefore regardless of effect, has no place in this game.

You do understand that everything you said is equally true for BOTs right? Yet those are against the rules and multiboxing is not.

I think the issue is that some of the staff multiboxes honestly. It’s the only that that also explains why the subscription-based external software is the way it is, and they offer blizzard staff free subscriptions.

There are free options available for multiboxing. You don’t have to pay a single dime.



Ive repeated this in here 50 times, but one week I was ‘trying’ and made enough farming mogs and pets to buy THREE token…on ONE character. No boxing required.
I imagine if Id been boxing I could have paid for quite a few accounts over the course of a month.

Both of the replies to my post are hidden, and knowing myself, for good reason.

And multiboxing isn’t breaking the rules because its not a bot. Youre still physically playing.

Imagine posting misinformation and being proud of it.

But Blizzard is quite willing to throw out people who are breaking the rules. They could have just as easily declared that multiboxing is against the rules at any point.

They don’t allow multiboxing “because of money”, they allow it because they view it as an alternative play style.

Why would they change rules to ban people when it gets them more money? Its not because its an alternative play style. Twinking was alternative play style and they nuked that to death, why? Because it made them no extra money and people cried when they got ganked.

Because it’s a minuscule amount of money.

What do you think happened to the people who got angry and quit? They stopped giving Blizzard money.