Why is Multi-boxing Allowed?

Well they don’t ban it. I really hope you’re right.

Key cloning software is not automation.
Nor did blizzard ever call it automation.

They banned it for other reasons (mostly due to making it more difficult to ban bots)

They do and will, report anyone that looks like they’re doing it.

Most of the time they’ll be banned pretty quick if it’s software.


A multiboxer stole his mob. They must all be purged.

Well I’ll keep trying when I see it. I remember one multi-boxer in AV during the launch of classic was all over the place. In fact I saw several of them and they were there for months on end. Would be nice if Blizzard started to actually addressing these issues.

If you’re right then I’ll be very happy though. At least it would be against the terms of service.

Most novices use software to do this, any hardware tech geek can do this with a soldering iron and a pcb board

They also disablled /follow inside bgs as well. It’s almost always software if you see it in a bg.

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Yeah the disabling of follow helps but still if you were pressing forward on one character you’re pressing forward on all the characters till they should remain the same place. Granted if one gets feared, or cc’d, It becomes a problem. But even with that problem and even if the player did not use any automation it’s still a pay to win advantage over regular players.

I mean has Blizzard come out and said key cloning is bannable? If they are not making this clear and not taking action against players who are blatantly doing this in battlegrounds, it seems to me they are de facto enabling it.

Yes, it was linked to you earlier in the thread in their policy on multiboxing.

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Its calling mirroring.

We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time`

Perhaps take the time to read the support articles

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Thanks. Well it appears that the way multi-boxing is used in battlegrounds and most prevalently is against the terms of service. Yet Blizzard doesn’t seem to do anything about them.

If they nuke ya, don’t release right away. Write the reports, then release.

If they never take action against these people and they are around for months on end, then they are de facto enabling it. Blizzard said they may take action. So it sounds like it’s up to their own discretion. If they don’t feel like it then it’s perfectly fine. And that’s absolutely awful.

It’s probably because people are not reporting them, Blizzard is reactive when it comes to these things. No bolts of lighting will drop from the sky.

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Okay well I’ll try to remain more optimistic about this and spread the correct information around when they’re spotted. Thanks.

Yeah, I usually get emails thanking me within 24-48 hours.

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That’s new and I am grateful for those.

I think they are allowed as a personal attack on you, subby.

I’m very sorry.

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I reported a 5-boxer that was obviously using keycloning software, and got a “Thank you for reporting” message a day or so later.

You’ll know if they got him when you get a mail saying the punished the guy. Something new Blizzard is doing lately.