Why is Mathias Shaw reporting to Greymane instead of Turalyon?

10.2.5 added a new dialog between Shaw and Greymane regarding Anduin’s whereabouts. They are standing next to the Alliance Portal in Valdrakken.

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Anduin is still the King. Turalyon is Lord Commander in Anduin’s absence. Greymane and Velen are Anduin’s advisors, so it would make sense to report to them directly.

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But I thought Turalyon is in charge of the military and SI:7 is an extension of it.

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Part of it is because Shaw and Genn are simply closer then Turaylon. The other part is I assume Shaw likes Anduin on a personal level and would rather tell his surrogate father then Turaylon, who would probably force Anduin back into the throne, whether he was ready or not.


The fact that Genn told Shaw not to inform Turalyon makes me wonder if they don’t entirely trust him. Or maybe they just don’t like him, who knows.

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If it’s like in the real world, then even each rank has some discretion of what to inform their superiors about. Thus, if the boss doesn’t ask about something specific then no need to inform them about it.

We don’t know that he hasn’t. He could be exchanging with Greymane out of courtesy. Greymane after all was effectively number 2 under Anduin.


As mentioned, Anduin is still King, even if he’s absent. It’s entirely possible that Anduin’s obvious desire to remain away for now means that Shaw is avoiding reporting it to Turalyon out of a suspicion that Turalyon may attempt to “coerce” Anduin to return. Duty to King over duty to Regent.

Plus, it’s also possible that Turalyon was not involved in whatever orders or request was made to SI:7 to keep watch out for Anduin. If Genn is the one who set the task, it makes sense that progress on it would be reported back to Genn, instead of Turalyon.

After all, SI:7 deals in a lot of secrets. They don’t necessarily report EVERYTHING they’re working on to the King/Regent automatically. Only when the Spymaster deems it necessary.


Does Turalyon like sitting on that throne? He doesn’t seem comfortable on it.

Turaylon is Light-Bound.

Anduin seems to be avoiding the Light.

Anduin, even when he does have the Light on his side isn’t drunk on its power the way Turalyon appears to be. Simply put, Turalyon’s loyalties can be questioned. I also not that Greymane sort of soft abdicated as a ruler of Gilneas recently. his daughter should be safe in Gilneas now when they have actual peace with the Forsaken under a leader they trust. As such Genn can concentrate his effort on holding Stormwind, and in the extension the Alliance together. Again, Turalyon cannot be trusted and could very well try to usurp power and start a Grand Crusade. The Light is good, up until a point. Get drunk on its power and your judgment may be impaired, as with all the other cosmic powers.

Interesting take. Who put Turalyon in charge? Anduin left at the end of SL without any official transition of power as far as I remember. On the other hand, five years have passed since then and Turalyon can’t be bothered to get out of the Stormwind for the new expansion. He seems like a lazy dude.

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there was a cutscene after Anduin was taken during shadowlands, Shaw doesn’t like nor trust Turalyon so I figure that is why.

It seems to be that Turalyon is being foreshadowed as the next Garrosh Hellscream due to his Light fanaticism and as shown in his “Stay and Listen” has some distrust towards Dragons that Turalyon wants to have SI:7 create defenses specifically-designed to expose Dragons that are using disguises while in Stormwind.

This is despite the fact that with the exception of the Black Dragonflight during the time of Deathwing: all of the other Dragonflights have been seen as allies to the mortal races of Azeroth with the Green Dragonflight being venerated by the Night Elves and Druids no differently than Wild Gods are and the current Blue Aspect Kalecgos having served as part of the ruling council of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran even during the Legions’ Invasion and is a personally close friend to Khadgar the Guardian of Tirisfal. To say nothing of the patience and tranquility and love showcased by Alexstrasza the Lifebinder of the Red Dragonflight: who had just extended to the Alliance an invitation to explore The Dragon Isles in the first place.

He left at the BEGINNING of Shadowlands when he was kidnapped by the Forsworn Kyrians.

He hadn’t returned since.