Why is leeway a game killer

Back in the day, I used to think that I had an X number of frames to counter/react to a enemies spell and it worked out for me every time (ex, gouging a mages blink). I still believe it should be like that :slight_smile: .

leeway is #NoChanges though

You know what else is #NoChanges? PVP’ers constantly whining about ways they were killed by other players and how Blizz should fix it.


I am a melee player (HWL/GM rogue in vanilla and a Multi Rank1/gladiator rogue in TBC) who is against the current leeway+spellbatching in classic (they are implemented incorrectly).

I just feel so bad about what I’m going to be able to do to casters/clothies at lvl 60 pvp… just doesn’t seem fair to those poor lil buggers.


So seems most people are saying the issue isn’t that we need to do away with leeway but more that it needs to be tuned properly so that it acts in the same manner it did in vanilla?

So basically tune it with the average 30Ms speed now to give you the same distance and advantage as it used to at the average 100ms. Which would in theory be #nochanges because it would play how vanilla played? That basically seems like what people are asking for. Doesn’t sound to unreasonable to me if it would in fact make the game play more authentically

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Even something like this is better & closer to what vanilla was like over what Blizzard has implemented as leeway.

Every 100ms = 1yrd leeway, so 200ms = 2yrd leeway, and 266+ms = MAX 2.66yrd leeway.

If person A has 300ms and person B has 0ms then person B experiences a 2.66yrd leeway and for person A things will appear to work normally at their normal range(s).
<------------0(B)--------300(A)-------> (the lower pinged person always experiences more leeway when versing a higher pinged person because they are late)

If person A has 150ms and person B has 150ms then both persons A+B experiences a 1.33yrd leeway each so on both of their screens they will each notice a 2.66yrd leeway (This was common to see in Vanilla because ppl had over 100ms on avg).

If person A has 0ms and person B has 0ms then both persons experience 0yrds of leeway and everything is working at exactly their normal range(s).


And it just keeps on going.

Hopefully this gives you all better a insight on how leeway used to & should work in classic and why leeway was ping based.

Blizz just needs the algorithm for leeway that they lost and we will be all set.

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I mean, according to blizz this is exactly how it was back then

Oh yeah, me too.


I do not understand this reference.

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You seem comfortable commenting about other things you don’t understand.

Or perhaps I’m am so far ahead that my comments are too difficult for you to understand. Oh yeah, I forgot… this place is full of childish trolls and memers. Ahhh, where’s Padre!

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Im still trying to figure out where you getting this idea/numbers from. Either you just going off your own idea or grabbed from blizz themselves that contradicts WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List

College Physics and Calculus, lol :wink: The system I posted up above is similar to how it worked in vanilla wow, I’m just off with the numbers. I don’t know how many MS = yards in leeway, but I do know that giving everybody 2.66yrd leeway is incorrect since leeway was latency based.

I lived and breathed WoW from Vanilla to Near end of TBC (over 5 years played in that time span). I have over thousands of hours studying mechanics such as this for PvP purposes since I was an avid PvPer even in the Vanilla WoW Closed beta. I literally had ppl bring food to my room bcuz I was addicted.

I know this game and its flow+feel like the back of my hand. If I worked for Blizzard you guys would get a perfect recreation of vanilla wow, but I don’t and they wouldn’t be able to afford me anyways.

I just love vanilla wow and I cry every time the masses believe in Blizzards lies.


I get all that but the people that actually made/making the game is claiming otherwise…

Been playing wow just as much and long as you, even still kind of to this day. My latency was just under 100 ms back then and as a troll rogue i remember auto attack from an absurd range when chasing someone so idk bro.

Unfortunately, more inclined to believe the company over the consumer

Those ppl did not make the game… stop kidding yourself. I watched all their vids and they have noo idea what they are doing. They literally ask streamers what should/shouldn’t be in the game. Makes me sick.


I know it sucks to fathom but it is possible that the hours you put in to try to learn an mechanic could of all been wrong. On the flip you could be right, only thing that would change your mind is if the lead dev back then or the person that implemented leeway back then came out and made a statement on it. Otherwise all we have is blizz telling us they ran numerous tests and believe leeway is tuned right.

You think that would change his mind? Look at his posts, look at that ego.

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Leeway definitely didn’t function as intended back then. Top players used to be able to separate themselves even further by juking their enemies attacks and interrupts. Kiting was even more useful. Players who could juke but maybe didn’t have best gear could win fights they otherwise shouldn’t be able to given gear/spec/level matchup.

I was fighting KT glad range players back in TBC. My ms was like 300 back then btw. But I also fought players who stood in place and clicked all abilities. So I saw the whole variety of skill range.

If internet is faster than ever why not ditch or modify the system and let the game be more skill based? Well, a lot of players are horribly lazy and just want to farm gear, follow a spec build from some video guide, and say they are better players. When the skill cap is raised, a lot of players will come up with any reason to lower it. It’s sad, seems like they are winning.

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Nah, I had a bunch of ppl work on this kind of stuff. I was an elitistjerk(if u remember them)+min max type of player.

Yes i remember them. But still company info > player info.

You can still juke and kite, you just have to literally stop moving for not even a second and leeway stops.