Why is it "impossible" for them to give us AV 1.5?

This is the weakest reasoning. NOTHING about the version of the BG has an impact outside of the BG.

Cannot help but notice you are on a BFA toon. Did it disrupt your retail play experience when they had korrak’s revenge in retail?


Because cross realm battlegrounds were in patch 1.12. And I’ve been saying this time and time again it doesn’t matter what version of AV there is, as long as there are cross server battle grounds and the ‘mUh HoNoR pEr HoUr’ mentality there will be zero difference.

Learn to work as a team. You don’t need voice chat or Discord to communicate effectively, you don’t need a premade. You just need 25-35 people who know how to play with others and know what needs to be done. One would think with the hundreds of AV complaints over the past few months that every single person reading these forums knows how to win AV for their side, that should be more than enough.

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I don’t think wanting a consistent patch level is weak reasoning.

And neither did the developers, apparently.

But, OK.


I see you are ever so passionate about AV. :roll_eyes:

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It’s because version 1.12 of Alterac Valley is already released for World of Warcraft Classic.

IIRC, the rationale behind the choice of 1.12 AV was subjective, and it was based on Blizzard’s opinion of the quality of gameplay. I don’t think they suggested that it was impossible, just unpalatable.

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They dont want to put that much work into classic

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Funny how all those things, or something akin to them, were also featured in Ashran.

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That AV was glorious and what an EPIC battle is supposed to be.

It only worked because the battlegrounds were server only.

They could just create two different versions to queue for…even though I never really saw any massive outcry to have 1.12av. The only reason I can think of is hardcore pvpers not being able to get marks in a reasonable fashion with 8hour games…there’s clearly a large enough group that want the old AV experience though. I thought we were over this “think you do but you don’t nonsense”.

The reason is that 1.5 AV wasn’t very popular during vanilla, which is of course why it was changed in the first place.

But I agree there’s a small minority who want 1.5 AV so just let us queue for both versions, everyone wins that way.

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Yeah, that’s about the same level of passion I have with all things WoW-related, heh.

I just go with the flow, for the most part, and am comfortable that I’ll never be a Mythic raider, high-ranking PvP title, or tons of other stuff requiring tons of time.

It’s just not worth it. (To me)

I sadly agree. This is why blizzard will never deviate from 1.12. Too many opinions on how people want to play the game. The only way to make things fair is to listen to none of them.

OP is 100% correct. Blizzard missed a HUGE opportunity by not releasing original AV. The whole point of Classic is to go back and play the game before all the evolutions, warts and all. Why would they not do this for AV?

The fact that 1.5 often lasted 8+ hours made it possible to create some really special PvP moments. It made it epic and grand. It meant something to be part of a win. Current AV is meaningless. It reminds me of retail.

Arguing that 1.5 AV was bad makes zero sense. Yes, it had flaws, but what… you think the current version is… good? lol… At this point, we have nothing to lose by trying it.

In my opinion, they should keep current AV for those who like it (lol) but also release an alternate 1.5 that is not cross realm. When there’s enough people on the server to get a game going, it happens. When there’s not, it doesn’t. What’s wrong with that?

I suppose a handful of smaller realms can be lumped into one bracket to ensure they have a decent chance at starting a game… But for most of these mega servers, this would never be an issue until post AQ and Naxx. By then the game would be at the end of its life span anyway.

For people who want to rank and stack honor, they have WSG and AB. But there’s still a huge group of players who want nothing to do with the honor system, but still enjoy PvP. Currently, they have nowhere to go. AV 1.5 would be great for them.

My 2 cents.

cause despite what you think, adding more PvE into the PvP battleground won’t make it more fun.

/10 chars my friend.

10char what?

you think more PvE, longer stalemate, less honor/rep will make AV more enjoyable?

yeah, you got a lot to lose by trying it.

Well… yeah actually. More PvE would slow the game down and give people time to actually have meaningful PvP. Imagine spending 30 minutes trying to capture a tower against a couple enemies from your server that you recognize. Yeah… that’s fun!

Who cares about honor and rep. Go to WSG for that.

At the very least, what do you possibly have against having both versions? People could play what they want.

how did you miss the daily thread of alliance QQ’ing about horde making the game last 30+ min?

e to actually have meaningful PvP

you mean, cave / gy camping?

Imagine spending 30 minutes trying to capture a tower

people don’t like stalemate no.

ouple enemies from your server that you recognize.

MMR would be 100X more usefull than this… and also not screw the unbalanced server in the process.

Who cares about honor and rep. Go to WSG for that.

good point. 1.5 AV won’t change anything cause WSG > AV!

what do you possibly have against having both versions

is that a serious question or do you honestly believe blizz can attempt anything new ( or old in this case) without an endless stream of morons QQ’ing non-stop about it cause they found a way to meta the fun out of the game?