Why is Classic Era character transfer gone?

Since my post got deleted from the bug report forum I am assuming that removing the character transfer service from Classic Era was an intentional move, but why was it removed? Was there communication about it that I missed or is this just another case of Blizzard not communicating?

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Did you use to have a priest with the same name back in OG Wrath / TBC?

No that wasn’t me. Been paladin since classic launch.

Ah ok, just a very unique name so I figured I would ask, original TBC / Wrath was quite a long time ago.

There was blue posts, but many of my friends weren’t playing at that time so they missed the news. There is an ongoing fight to bring back cloning going on in the MEGATHREAD, I would voice your concern in there so we can give it more traction.

Thanks for the info, but this isn’t regarding the cloning service. Up until yesterday’s patch it was possible to purchase server transfers, but ever since the patch went live they removed it from the store without any warning.

Did that thread get deleted? Wow.

Yeah, paid transfers are still missing for me too and only the free ones remain.

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Yeah it doesn’t make sense why they deleted the thread unless they don’t want to draw attention towards it or something? Very strange


Thought you meant cloning, my bad. My character transfer option is missing too.

Potentially removed due to the ability to Xfer dead character off of HC being implemented soon?

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I was thinking that too Deunan.

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It’s an odd move but I figure there will be people using the free HC transfer to circumvent the paid options.

Could be some rare foresight from blizzard on this one.

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You could do that with a new characters I suppose…
But why would you make a new character on HC just to die and transfer it if you could just make a new character where you wanted to go?

Anyway this is super wack as I and I imagine a few others are not trying to play on what is now the Ultra mega Whitemane cluster(and soon to be worse with HC transfers).

Transferring to Grobbulus was my only hope. Not interested in all that mess.

bypass transfer locked realms is all I can think of, but IDK how much that affected Era in comparison to the Wrath server locks.