Why is Blizzard withholding BWL information?

You people are playing classic wow.

You seriously need to get used to it by now.

Soon™ is a registered blizz answer to anything in vanilla.

and so Soon™ is now a blizzard response to things in Classic.

Shut up and enjoy the original vanilla experience.


@OP: go away, tourist

Oh man you hurt my feelings

Ok, I’m serious here: Classic is for you to play slow to enjoy every corner of it and have a real life. If you rush content, you don’t have both.

Nor am I, I am level 60, cant help it that Blizzard does not refresh properly.

there’s no such thing as rushing classic content, it was all released 15 years ago. everything not in the game since relaunch has been delayed, not rushed

Yes there were. And you seem to also demand releases. But I’m not going to debate hard here cos I accept how it is.

The game will be like 2006, just slower or faster. Why don’t you discover what you didn’t in 2006? No way you can discover them before the next phase



It’s been over four months. Why do you care if BWL is released? You’re level 23; you’ll never be relevant to anybody in this game anyways.


You weren’t the ones that brought Classic back I’m sure

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the game isn’t like 2006. in 2006 we had naxx. now we don’t even have bwl.

Yeah, the ones who brought Classic back were Blizzard. The ones who influenced Blizzard were the powergamers who consistently smashed the content on private servers and demanded fresh servers. The players who played the hell outta this game for years, speed running and creating the metas we have today.

Not level 23 Druids.

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I take Classic like a meal I’d eat anyway. You take it as a shared meal you have to eat it fast before others. Your choice

Ok. I enjoy the game, I have several characters and you get mad. I don’t even get mad at you

not my choice, because they’re refusing to serve my meal until you finish yours


I repect your view

You forgot to change character…

why would i expose my main character to talk with a lvl 23 druid

If you look down on a lvl 23, what would you expect that level 23 to look at your level 10?

Checkmate, indeed. LOL

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Hopefully they are taking the time to beef up BWL so it can’t be face rolled.