Why is Blizzard withholding BWL information?

I would have rather had BWL out with MC so that guilds could attempt BWL without the proper MC gear. Maybe at least this would feel difficult

It’s been almost half a year since the last raid was added- even by retail standards that’s not rushing.

when your guild wipes on Vael twinkle you’ll know why classic raiding is “difficult” lol

and they will wipe unless you’re a very disciplined gropu. Which is unheard of in NA

That’s a reasonable request, but Blizzard can’t do it – because of players.

Real life: nobody on earth can commit to future software. Dates change. Things slip. A feature that “looked easy on paper” turns out to take months longer, or even be impossible. Or testing shows that some planned things ruin other things, or wreck the balance. In summary things change, especially in software and/or MMO games.

But SOME PLAYERS won’t tolerate change. Literally any word that Blizzard says is a “promise and commitment” to those players. Blizzard learned this durning MoP and WoD, when a few things changing or slipping caused some players to post “As we all know BLIZZARD LIES to players” in hundreds of threads, for years after the slips.

So Blizzard learned, and now they don’t pre-announce things.

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Nothing is stopping the players from removing MC gear and wearing T0 sets. Your problem is now solved.

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Don’t forget to post about how Vael must be bugged because trade chat is pugging him on the first week of BWL.


U can pug him…U will just wipe lol

simmer down heartseeker rofl

No idea what this is supposed to mean.

Nah, Vael is easy. He barely has more HP than Magmadar.

He also has chain cleave

Ooooo how about the time they wanted our real names here… someone got a lot of pizza that day. :joy:

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Did you consider that early december actually was a typo and they meant early janurary for bwl release info?

Maybe they typed early decemeber because bg’s were released in early demember.

Clearly they said they would release bwl in early 2020.

This is an interesting thing to say. You think that because you are 60 and probably raid you are “somebody”? I understand the desire for people to feel like they beat a game they sucked at 15 years ago, but statements like this are silly.


Jan 8th is probably earliest we’ll have info. Most corps have holidays

Everything you cried about for the last two years is silly. Why haven’t you left yet?

Water off my back my friend. I have no oats to sow, no horse in this race that is classic. I have no agenda. Im back just because. Everything 1.12 is a joke. At the moment im having a blast laughing to myself how i can fish my way to rank if i wanted to in the current patch.

I only wanted the overall vanilla feel preserved, thats it - even if it meant i wouldn’t have the time to do any of it. But youre right. My interest in this iteration of vanilla is waning fast. It would have been nice seeing who the people that spent the time getting epics were. Who the raiding guilds were. But as it stands nothing is worth batting an eyelash at. Even rank 14. There is no differentiation between players. Its almost like retail.

Epics rain from the sky.

Imagine thinking this would be any different if we weren’t on patch 1.12.

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Oh, it would. Why? Time.

It wouldnt impact the min maxers who have the time to spend 3 hours in pre nerf scholo and strath assuming no wipes, but it would weed out the general populace. When bwl was released and MC was on farm, it still took around 4 hours. Things were tuned more tightly then also. Which meant dungeons needed to be run - a lot. Stuff took longer to die, fire resist was more important.

So these days, who has that anount of time?

The “feel” of the game would be far different and much less accessible. But this fact is lost among those who didnt play at patch.

Note. Not once did i mention the word hard or easy. Vanilla was never hard. It wad about time.

Because people sucked at the game and didn’t know crap. I can tell you’re not very good at the game just by the things you’re saying, every single person who ever talked a big game about how different things would be on an earlier patch is bad at the game.

There’s SO MANY THINGS that were changed that made the game MORE difficult as well, but people like you conveniently omit those changes due to your selective memory/bias.

Here’s a couple examples:

Patch 1.10.2

  • Arcane Power: This aura will no longer stack with Power Infusion. If you use it, Arcane Power’s aura will replace Power Infusion’s aura.

Patch 1.7.0

  • We have determined that the defense statistic was being applied to items too liberally, causing those items to be stronger than they should have been relative to other items of the same level with different effects. As a result, we have reduced the amount of defense points on all items with bonuses to defense by approximately 33% in order to bring those items in line with other similar items.

Or how about Improved Sunder Armor originally increasing the effect by 30%? Now it’s just a rage reduction on the ability. There’s dozens of changes that nerfed super overpowered items or talents.

Patch 1.11.0

  • Zandalarian Hero Charm The damage and healing on this item have been reduced by 30%. Instead of granting 35 damage and 70 healing per charge, it now grants 25 damage and 50 healing per charge. Several Paladin spells, Starshards, and Lightning Shield were not consuming charges of this trinket. All those spells have been fixed. In addition, totems which now benefit from increased damage and healing will also consume charges (Healing Stream Totem, Searing Totem, Magma Totem, and Fire Nova Totem)

How about the fact that right now, threat is harder to manage than it was prior to patch 1.12?

Patch 1.12.0
Threat Reduction Effects

  • This system has been redesigned to eliminate inconsistency in how the effects work. Previously, some were additive (for example: 30% reduction + 20% reduction = 50% reduction) while others were multiplicative (30% reduction and 20% reduction made 44% reduction, from 0.7*0.8). They are now all multiplicative. This also prevents unpredictable behavior when the total reduction percentage was equal to or greater than 100%.

Please note that in almost all cases, when stacking multiple threat reduction effects you will experience less threat reduction than previously.


Where you been? I miss the trolling by you and ziryus. Way to cherry pick. Cheers mate.

Can’t release BWL yet.

I still need to run MC a few more times to get my last cauterizing band and last piece of T1 loot I need.