Why is Blizzard withholding BWL information?

The post never explicitly says December 2019. Checkmate, atheists.


I need the CEO to give me his Social Security number


kinda leads me to believe we wont get BWL in january

My WAG: right before next mean average sub cycle.

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I never thought we would. I’ve always thought March personally.

They do need to give us some info like they said they would though.

December 9th:

The entire post was about the detached content unlock with a tiny addendum at the end, assuring us that BWL was coming in early 2020. Everyone assumes they were talking about BWL when referring to the exact timestamp for the content unlock.

Reading comprehension is a good skill to have.


‘’ Blackwing Lair and Darkmoon Faire are coming in early 2020.

We’ll have an exact timestamp for this content unlock to share with you in early December.’’

That’s exactly how it’s said. You broke it up to make it seem out of context to assume that’s what they were talking about goofball. When in reality it’s very easy to misinterpret and there was no benefit to wording it like this.

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Actually, the phrase “content unlock” is in the sentence modifying (and separating) battlegrounds from their original plan that lumped it in with BWL: i.e. the content being “unlocked” is in fact the battlegrounds as there has been no adjustment to the BWL release plan, hence it not being “unlocked” from anything. So Delimicus is correct. Although I can see how it comes off as confusing. Perhaps the official community managers could learn better phrase structuring :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude, the title of the post was “Classic Content Unlocking in December”

they ended with a statement referring to the content that would unlock in December. The tidbit at the end about BWL was just an addendum to a post about Battlegrounds.

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If you want to be passive aggressive about reading comprehension, but then not comprehend the current state of tension regarding blizzards communication and the conflict regarding phasing schedules then you really haven’t done much.

The addendum was horribly placed.

The soon™ Blizz was classic. What would you expect. I have no problem with this delay


I would really like a blue post by the end of next week on this.

Need to craft my Thunderfury, kthx.

Why are you all in a rush to add new content?


3 to 4 weeks after retail patch on jan 14. I think mid to late feb.

Because most of us aren’t level 46.


I comprehend it plenty. The D3 forums have a single developer there that posts more often and with far more insight than the WoW developers and CMs, and that’s a dead game.

Yes, Blizzard should have realized that their hate-filled community would misinterpret their post.

Play slowly. Have a life


You people are playing classic wow.

You seriously need to get used to it by now.

Soon™ is a registered blizz answer to anything in vanilla.

and so Soon™ is now a blizzard response to things in Classic.

Shut up and enjoy the original vanilla experience.


@OP: go away, tourist

Oh man you hurt my feelings