Why I'm leaving Angerforge as a fresh 80

To all on Angerforge + WoW Devs (Please help us!),
I resubbed to play Wotlk with my family on Skyfury originally 2 weeks ago and to my dismay I found out Skyfury was locked as a server and thus was unable to play with half of my family members. I decided, as did my 2 other brothers who also resubbed to play with our other Skyfury half of family, that we would just play for now on Angerforge which at the time seemed like a very good idea so we could play the new Classic Xpan and enjoy Woltk again like the ol’dayz. I made a priest and slowly started the long grind to 80 via quests and blasting my nights away slaying with my wand and SW: Pain. I continued to blast, as did my brothers, and just this morning I managed to get to 80 in my 6days 6hrs 7mins played.

Now I was done with leveling and I could “finally play the game” how I like to atleast. I rush to Dalaran full of hope and excited to find a busy city full of alliance and horde… then I wake up from my day dream in-game, and realize my flight path to Dalaran just landed and is over. I head down the landing into Dalaran to find my busy city but instead I’m greeted with empty streets and crickets


the Dalaran on Angerforge is dead quiet, scattered with a few players afk, with no chat and no movement in sight. No spams in chat. No Guilds asking for players or recruiting. No Trade talk. No LFG talk. I spam my LFG keybind to open it and look quickly to see to my horror that the LFG has a whopping 9 players queued up for Heroics … 9. I look at the PVP queues… zero players Q’d. I look at the custom queues… 1 player queued… I look at the raid queues… zero players.

I logout. I confront the realization that the server is never going to be a WoW Wotlk server that I dreamed of. I talked to my family again a few hrs later and we now are making new toons on Skyfury, since it’s now unlocked even though it wasn’t having queues for over a week straight… after blasting for 2 weeks on a priest of all classes to level from 1-80 with zero gold or help… completely fresh… we all are making new toons to play on a different server.

Angerforge is a dead server. Please merge it with Skyfury. This is the only request I ask of the Devs. Give us the transfer option to move to an actual living server please. I’m asking for my lovely priest that I worked so hard to level and play in Wotlk on this Golden Xpan I played live back when it first released. I’m asking for all the players who were locked out of the only good living fresh Woltk server and were forced to play on a dead server under false assumption it would be okay when we all leveled up. Please give us the option to freely transfer to Skyfury or please merge us as a server to Skyfury. In the meantime while we all await an answer… I’ll be leveling a new toon on Skyfury… the only living fresh server we can play for WoW Classic Woltk.

  • Daweeki, 80 Human Priest, forever logged
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First two weeks on Angerforge was one of the best leveling experience I had in WOW. After joyous journeys buff ended and ques died down on other servers, Angerforge seems really empty now.

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I experienced Angerforge after the Joyous Buff, I leveled 1-80 all the way, old fashioned with zero help. It was a great experience even still and I failed to notice with the enjoyment how empty the server was becoming. By the time I hit Northrend, I wasn’t ganked or contested for mobs, I wasn’t able to find grps to help kill elites or to do the Amphitheater of Anguish. I was alone. I had to ask the very few players in the zones that were 80, if any at all, to come over and help me complete some group quests. It just feels terrible to see at endgame the state of our server and how it’s still rapidly depleting in population.

Good Luck on Skyfury, I’m going to stay on Angerforge, still have people here leveling and I can find groups at all hours still.

Moving to Skyfury will not fix your issue. You’re wanting the feel of a megaserver, which you have the option of transferring to.

The Angerforge population is fine for a fresh server. A majority of the server is still leveling. Everything you’ve said about level 80 is an exaggeration aside from tne state of Dalaran and trade spam. Both of those are in that state because people are in the world leveling.



This is not the case at all. There are less than 3000 80s on either faction that have been seen within 7 days.

Skyfury has 7376 Alliance 80s, and 5608 Horde 80s. Oh? you say the server is still leveling? We have only 5289 10-80 Alliance members and 5107 10-80 Horde Members.

It is not an exaggeration, and I’m starting to think you haven’t played on Angerforge recently…

If you use the pop WA numbers are nothing like this. I guess u took that from wowclassicpop. Skyfury horde has 3k peak (that I have seen) and alliance should have a bit more. Pop isn’t that big on those servers and the pop WA is pretty accurate as it get all users currently on LFG channel which is like 90% of the server at least. At this hour are exactly 2104 horde on Skyfury.

Everyone that wants to leave Angerforge can leave. It’s ridiculous that you are trying to ruin the small server experience that so many of us came here to enjoy.

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Nobody is trying to ruin your experience this is just a person telling their story and explaining why they are leaving. If that ruins your experience maybe that is a you problem.

I think you were so excited to post that you missed this part right here.