Why I left Earthfury

Because to this day, I still get asked this question in BGs. Most recently, someone from here rolled a boosted toon on my new server, recognized my spam in LFG, and asked me why I left. So, I figured I’d just make a forum thread that I could direct people to.

The long and short of it is that the elitist RLs and GMs of this server saw “Paladin” in my tooltip, and would never even give me a fair chance. Across many guilds, it was the same story: Get recruited as a Tank, then asked to go DPS, then demanded I respec Holy or no more raid invites. All without ever seeing me tank anything more than trash in a raid.

In my farewell thread where I asked Mootwo for some feedback before I left, serveral of the server’s RLs and other raiding higher-ups all heavily implied I was wasting my time and money because EVERYONE knows that Pallies can’t tank. Well, I’ve been serving up hearty helpings of crow to those types since …THAT server, so raiding elite of Earthfury, now it’s your turn. I won’t bother reposting the link here, but go to your favorite armory site and look up the Geofram of Deviste Delight (yes, that is the server I moved to), and you will see my collection of raid tank gear from (mostly) AQ40, and a belt from Naxx.I even got to MT Princess Huhu and got a turn at Anub’rekhan. “Pallies can’t tank” they told me. Well we can, but the Ignorance and Stubborn Closed-Mindedness bosses can be a doozy even with 440 in Class Mechanics and 102.4% Game Knowledge.

Now that I’ve told off my detractors, let me say that the tank and file of Earthfury, the people who joined my pugs, waved at me in the open world, and some of whom called me “Geofram the Chad,” are bloody awesome. You guys were the reason I kept going here for as long as I did, and as happy as I was to find a forever guild on Deviate Delight, I still find myself missing the good folks of The Dadserver who believed in me, even when thinking how great is is to be rid of your leaders.

I hope this sufficiently answers why I chose to leave a server I spent so much time building a name for myself on. It was good to brotect the people, but I now have a new home where I was never called a meme spec and the RLs and GMs don’t suffer from TDS (Tankadin Derangement Syndrome) and never have.


I did wonder where you’d gone, good luck Geofram, I’m happy you’re doing well.

Thanks man. I had heard that someone else decided to pick up my old mantle as the server pug Tankadin, and even tried to take my old name. Whoever he his, I wish him luck. That said, there can only be one Geofram the Bold.

Okay bye thanks for the update