Why I do NOT support the multibox ban

They even said that it has been a problem causing negative effects as soon we will start to see complaints about players who are using hardware to do the same and look as if software is being used. There is going to be a huge outcry on the forums all due to the wording had not been made 100% clear.

See, and this right here shows me your green.

“Hardware solutions are still allowed for multi-boxing.”

You obviously have never been on the edge of a ruling in game.

They dont ask questions. You say “I was using a hardware method” there not going to read that or care.

Your delusional if you think you will not be banned.

Stop trying to argue semantics. Its over.

Botting is the problem…

I can’t believe how dense you people are.


My thoughts exactly…

haha omg thanks I needed that

I’ll keep posting this to you if you keep being dense.

Its not going to matter if people Argue “Hardware”.

Anyone who has been suspended, banned, silenced, whether right or wrong will tell you. Your appeals go in the trash, you recieve a generic email saying they uphold the action, and no further contact will be accepted on the matter.

The people arguing hardware semantics, will get banned whether they think so or not.

Daisy chain is all you need to know about. ie; “connect (several devices) together in a linear series.”

Okay. And perhaps we should also examine, in depth, the negative effect farming old raids for large amounts of gold for single player effort and time has on the game.

Look, we can do this all day long. Because as long as you point out a thing is negative, that same argument can be turned backon something else easy as pie.

And that’s the main thrust of the argument. It’s clear something needed to be done about the most egregious cases. No doubt. But what about the player who spends their entire game farming old raids for gold just to corner a market?

It’s a very simple concept we see all too often, once a thing is delcared “bad”, then similar things soon follow suit.

Prohibition, while good in theory and horrific in executuon, had effects both far and tragic in scope no one saw coming or if they did, they ignored it.

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He’s absolutely right though. I don’t care what they posted on the forums, Blizzard almost never overturns bans. You can argue but they won’t even read it.

great reply.

I especially like “Dont understand why all the arguing over wording”

oh and.

“The focus of the announcement yesterday was prohibiting Input Broadcast Software, no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware. Keyboards/mouse macros and functionality, assuming they work within our policies (i.e. do not use the keyboard macro to do something beyond what our in-game macro could do), is generally fine.”

Another words. YOU CANNOT HAVE 1 Key press affect multiple clients.

That’s not even kinda true. That response is generally for people who had gotten flagged by warden, not players reports.

I have Blizzard backing me on this logic, who do you have? Other than your bigotry.

Except gold income from old content has been nerfed several times.

It would only been beneficial if you did it on like 10 different characters say…across 10 different accounts all at once…

Blizzard is not backing you.

Your reading what you want to read, and ignoring what is actually said.

I’m honestly starting to think your skull is just solid bone at this point. You have zero deductive reasoning, or even a spark of logic.

Yes I agree what is the real negative effect in which they had spoken as it seems the software side is now fixed with the total ban of input broadcasting. Yet the same can be achieved via daisy chain a few old laptops pc’s together.

It is like there was a nail to be driven home and instead of a hammer being used they used a wrecking ball.

Well, someone if really @#$@#$!@ and is really, really reaching.

Pretty clearly worded to me.

How so? In what way, exactly will the health of the game be improved by effectively banning ALL multi-boxers.

And no, we must include Warden in the diacussion as Blizzard has stated this change was aimed primarily at stopping botting; something which Warden is supposed to be capable of and combatting.

Because your logic of a “hardware work around”

Is against the TOS in another section. You keep conveniently missing that point.