Why Hunter Cry

Chimaera was heavily nerfed day 2 for unknown reason, it’s still a nerfed version of the original spell and BM is still ahead except maybe on speedruns with low TTK.

For a lot of players, that are dps, the amount of dps they do is really what matters. This last change made them do less dps overall(againX8) so whatever they gained doesn’t matter as much, since it was a net loss of dps.

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A warrior is an actual class and player, a wind serpent is a pet and addition to the main class (hunter) do you really think they should have the same strength?

You are comparing a warrior to a hunter’s pet. I’m comparing a warrior’s auto-attack to a hunter’s entire pet.

These are not the same comparisons.


Because you’re generalizing. And then when you’re generalized about you complain.

It’s just in bad taste.

Nope, but its not fair a number of classes can CC you until dead, or DoT you and run away until you’re dead either. The game’s not fair, so either we accept that, or we nerf warriors, rogues, and locks into the ground especially.

And noobs getting owned by pets is really not a problem.

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It’s completely different though with just the fact the hunter can do all this without even being seen or touched

Ahh, and there it is. The real reason for the post.

OP doesn’t want a sociology lesson, he wants to complain. Send your mom a text or something, dude.

You mean like a rogue or druid…you only see them after the fight is already over.

blizzard just ensured that hunter scaling remains poor into naxx. God forbid their pets at least scale

rogue and druid = class wind serpent= pet. quit the gaslighting BS

wind serpent = extension of the hunter class, it’s part of the entire package that makes up the class. Stop with the hyperbolic bs.

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LOL what dude this is a conversation I am discussing something not complaining, if you’re tiny little 1 celled brain cant comprehend that, why don’t you go read cat in the hat and step that IQ up a little bit

You’re currently the whiniest person on these forums. Second only to RDF when he trolls.

I would love for you to quote where exact I have “whined”. This has been nothing but a conversation until your brain rotted troll as replied

Because you’re disingenuous. You never wanted your question answered. You already had the answer. This post is a waste of space, I’m reporting it as trolling.

If this post is a waste of space, what are you doing here replying?


It’s fake. Hopefully you’re not always like this and just tried to emulate someone you thought was cool on Reddit.

Have a good one, homie.

Funny you replied way before the “trolling” comment. I am sorry I hurt your brain and ego little one.

Paladins stuns a player and gets double hit off that stun with their holy spells . That isn’t fair towards other players . I believe paladins needs to be nerf just like hunters .

I believe in fairness . Once a class has been nerfed , than all classes needs to be nerfed . Everyone will share that same pain together. Not one cries , but everyone is crying .

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