Why Hasn't Lower Kara Been Nerfed?

Thank goodness! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

More like you didn’t know what you were talking about when claiming people should “just know the mechanics”. We are arguing about the fact that these are wipe mechanics of high damage on low key like +2. If this was a problem only for key 20+ no one would of mentioned it

Your 15+s are not high key and neither is the 20+ when people were in the 30s+.

You just wanted to try and flex about how people needed to learn to get better instead of just admitting it was a problem. Blizzard has just now admitted it was a problem, so why are you even still here?


Yeah I don’t know what I’m talking about when I am someone who can back up what I am saying.

+20s were top 2% last season. If that is not “high keys” then you are delusional.

No, you argued that there are no mechanics in Manastorm that wipes the group if 1 person messes up. I disproved that easily.

The fact that I can heal 17’s pretty easily but struggle with 12 lower should say a lot. I know the mechanics well enough.

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Again, the argument was that it’s only bad if you fail the mechanic.

Literally have a blue post which is disproving what you were saying: WoW Hotfixes - Updated October 21

The highest keys was +13 over your 20. Top 2% last season is a good number. It’s not 33+ and many people stopped at 15 since there was no point in going further.

Stop trying to play like you forgot what this thread is about. We argued about how these fights needed nerfs and you made it about manastorms and your mythic rating because you couldn’t argue in good faith.

This is literally just you trying to use the logic “But my rating is higher than other players which means I am right everyone else is wrong even if blizzard says I am wrong”

You act like the nerf proves anything. All I see is that they saw a lot of crying and did what they have a pattern of doing. Appeasement.

I was doing 23s, but still is considered high keys. You are mixing up bleeding edge and high keys. If only 2% of the population is running something then it is safe to call it high.

There were more people pushing +20s than ever this expansion because there were reasons to go further. Portals and more importantly 278 conduits. Again, you are showing that you don’t understand what you are talking about.

No, It was just one example. Dealer also has a mechanic where one person can wipe the group. Muezhala also has a mechanic where one person can kill the timer. This is just DoS. There were 9 other dungeons.

Litterally even though I didn’t bring up my rating once, right? You are a joke.

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“J-just because they actually agreed with everyone it was a problem doesn’t mean it was!!”

I am not, I consider anything you can still pug and time not a high key.

There were more people pushing +20s because we have a rampant boosting problem. And even then the majority still stopped at 15 because besides achievements you don’t have a reason to go over if you only in it for the gear.

The thing you’re forgetting is that all of these things are not problems in lower keys. The point of my post and others which you made it about your “high keys” was about lower key mechanics being so deadly. Using mechanics that aren’t a problem on a +2,+6,+10 or even a +15 as a reason for why you should let 100% succeed or wipe mechanics on a +2 is insane.

Only way this make sense is if you couldn’t find an actual argument against and just decided to flex.

You brought up Manastorms then proceed to make it about a mechanic people wont see unless you’re in a +15 or a 20. You directly brought up 20s when no one was talking about that before. So yes. You indirectly brought up your rating.

Lower was doable, but it was by far the most punishing/1shot heavy old dungeon. The kind of mistakes that you would survive in gambit at a similar key level would just 1shot you in lower.

No, the majority stopped because they hit their skill wall. Again. 278 conduits were a big deal.

There was no flex. You made it about a “flex” that didn’t exist. You accused me of flexing my score when I didn’t even bring up my score. Lmao.

It was an example. I could have chosen other boss mechanics too. You also see them under +15s. Again, it was an example.

According to your own logic +20s are high because everyone else thinks it is. “Doesn’t matter what you think”.

260 conduits are not that far from 278 and no one was chomping at the bits for it besides people who were going to do keys higher and needed everything they could get.

You sure. Do you REALLY believe this? If so I do not know what to say but you really need to look at your posts and the sheer epeen that was dripping from them.

No. It was because you could not find a mechanic as insane as the ones in Karazhan on all keys without talking about keys that you yourself said only 2% of the playerbase would see.

According to my logic is that you don’t have a say in what is correct since you aren’t at the best of the best. It’s like taking someone at 1800 rating word as gospel instead of taking the opinion of the rank 1 world players or the blizzard devs who balancing things.

not sure why you’re replying to me on this

It was a missclick. I was trying to quote the quote he made but it added you too.

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Lol. They were enough to make a difference. A lot of people pushed for +20s for the portals and more importantly conduits. Idk where you get the idea that it didn’t motivate people to push higher keys than they normally wouldn’t.

You made it about something that didn’t exist.

You accused me of flexing my score when I didn’t even bring up my score. Lmao.

Again, I didn’t say that. I didn’t say only 2% of the player base would see them.

You also see them under +15s. Again, it was an example .

Again, these are examples of you having sub-par reading comprehension skills and making this about something that didn’t exist.

Yourself just said 2% of the playerbase did it. Which means no, by percentage a lot of people did not push for 20+. No one but people going higher was motivated to do it.

Nice “No, you”. Couldn’t even make a reason for why you derailed or brought up your rating.

Then you’re bad at explaining. Why use a mechanic that is only a thing in the ratings you later said 2% of the playerbase are at as a reasoning for why people below 15+ should just get good?

More like it’s a case of you not knowing how to just admit you were wrong and just leaving like you claimed you would do until blizzard pointed out you were wrong.

Here is the thing, you trying to talk about my reading comprehension does not even matter since the fact that you stopped arguing about the main point of the thread and the fact that Blizzard validated my point means I am right as far I am concerned.

If you want to try to do this circle argument of claiming you actually weren’t just being an elitist then alright. I literally have nothing better to do tonight.

Or you can just admit that maybe you were wrong and just end it here.

What percent do you think pushed for +20s in season 2? Why do I see 3k score players all over the place and barely saw 2.4k after season 2? Why were there forum threads about how people have something to work towards now that there is Conduits and Portals? You don’t know what your are talking about.

Take your own advice and scroll up. I didn’t bring up my rating once. You did. How many times do I have to correct you? I did not bring up my rating once.

No, you are just bad at reading and comprehending what you are reading. Or you are so triggered that you are only skimming through and only reading what you want to read.

I think you meant this for yourself.

Take your own advice and scroll up

Remember when “Green Fire” was a thing for Warlocks and it was all QQ, too hard, this is dumb, nerf it, etc. etc., then people completely outgeared it and said how easy and pointless it was?..

Pepperide FAAARRMM remembers…

I agree with OP. Lower Kara is almost impossible right now. I know because the rest of the dungeons I’ve done 14’s or 15’s no problems. It took my group 30 minutes just to down 1 boss in a 15 lower. The nerfs tomorrow are not enough!

Don’t know and don’t have to know. Because my point was that 20+ wasn’t a high key and you said only 2% of the player base has it which is why it is high. Either a lot of people have it which makes it not as good as you thought meaning you were wrong and I was right. OR not a lot of people did which again means you were wrong and I was right.

Scroll and look at the quotes I put for you? Or I can quote them again?

Your second post to me was immediately about +20 and how people deserved to wipe and over and over because you felt like people had to for a mechanic in 20+

Your literal second post to me was talking about +20 and how everyone else deserved to suffer to be good at +20s. This is like a Mythic Raider saying people on LFR and normal deserve to wipe on heroic and Mythic mechanics to make sure they know the mechanics for Mythic raiding if they ever do it.

See my comment above and the other posts.

You two need to quit leveling up your arthritis and find something else to do. Neither of you are gonna convince each other otherwise