Why hasn't layering been turned back on yet?

Careful, you’re gonna get the free migration freedom package talking like that. :wink:

Raid time is at 8. If I log on at 5 to avoid the queue, I’ll get DC’d if I’m AFK for more than 30 mins, so that’s not an option. The queue estimated times aren’t reliable so I can’t accurately time when to enter the queue. You don’t seem to understand the situation we’re in or how any of this actually plays out.

More damaging than literally not being able to play? What are you even on?


A bad experience is worse than no experience.

So someone layer hopping to farm a few extra herb/mining nodes will completely trash your experience? Lmfao. We just want to be able to log in and raid.


/g Invite for layer Dragons

2 things happening simultaneously right now that seem to contribute to queue times:

  1. There’s a pandemic that is affecting, well… THE ENTIRE WORLD at the moment. A lot of people are at home with nothing to do other than play WoW
  2. ZG was just released yesterday, and resets today

Seems like it could happen. Should it happen? Some will say that it should already have happened, considering we just released new content in the middle of a pandemic!

Some are not convinced, and would like to never see layering in Classic again.

Whatever happens, I hope that there is some queue relief for those who need it, and I hope that it doesn’t come in a form that will flood the forums with numerous iterations of the same post…

Last night there was an 1.5 hour que on Grobbulus. First que we have had in several months. Guess what happened?

The guild informed the players that there was a que via discord several hours before the raid. And all the people raiding ZG last night logged on and got into que. We eventually worked our way through the que and then one shot ZG. And we were on time to start the raid too.

For the people that were already in. They moved their character every 15 minutes and or played the game (I know crazy concept).

Wow. . .that was complicated. So hard communicating with your team and working together. You make it sound like no one could give you a warning. No one said there would be ques. You make it sound like ques came out of nowhere. There are children on these forums (like yourself) who complain about ques each and every day. And instead of changing their actions to account for these known challenges. You just continue the course and act like your a victim here. That there was not a single solution to your problem that you could have been proactive about.

Short term gains at the expense of long term problems is never the solution. Learn to look a the big picture, champ.

Our queue got up to over 6 hrs during peak time. But even at 4 hrs, you can’t reliably plan around that. A 1.5 hr queue and a 4 hr queue aren’t at all comparable. You don’t have a grasp on the reality of extremely long queues.

What “long term problem?” Are you brain dead? They can just turn it off when it’s not needed anymore, just like the first time. Get off my thread.

Nah the only brain dead person here, is you.

Stop acting like a victim and understand there are NUMEROUS action you can take to get around a server que. You are either too stupid or too lazy to do any of them.

Clearly, based off results.

So you rolled on Herod or Whitemane or one of those servers that had NUMEROUS warnings about potential server ques.

You remind me of the people who get lung cancer and then sue the tobbacoo companies because your dying. Even though you have been warned numerous times that smoking causes lung cancer.

I’m on Herod, a premier realm with world famous guilds and some of the top players in the game. You’re on Grob, a realm for socially awkward reject keyboard turners. Don’t EVER even address me again.

Once again you have failed to take accountability for your actions. You rolled on a server. A server that was warned since DAY ONE that there would be ques. And asked you guys to reroll elsewhere a week before the server went online. You ignored those facts. And now are calling me and my entire server “bad”.

Children these day, so entertaining!

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All the servers they opened for us to re-roll on also had queue issues. They had to do like 3-4 extra rounds of adding new realms before it got any better.

So you finally admit there were resolutions. Resolutions you refused to take advantage of. Resolutions that would have resolved your current problems. Yet you refused to take them.

You’re right, you’re a victim. A victim to your own stupidity and stubbornness.

Yeah, nah. Can you provide any source on this?

Please look on page 1.

This troglodyte is referring to this:

Never actually says they will turn it on. It says they are thinking about it. But need / want community feedback before pulling the trigger.

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Oh, the thread that doesn’t ever indicate anything along the lines of your claim.


You play on a weird story-time realm. No one will ever take you seriously as a human being.

They mentioned they were considering turning layering back on and were asking for feedback. Literally no idea what you’re confused about. Please work on your reading comprehension.

The irony is palpable at this point.

You do realize we’re all playing a fantasy online game right now, right?

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