Why hasn't Blizzard responded to the teleport/fly hacks and fixed it server side?

It is widely known that you can teleport/fly hack anywhere in Classic. Bots use this to farm Black Lotus, which there are countless videos showing it, but bot farmers also use this inside instances and raids to farm loot and gold non-stop.

Yes, teleport/fly hacking enables you to attack raid bosses without being harmed, allowing 1 character to slowly but surely farm AQ and other instances.

There are countless videos of these hacks, many posted here on the forums. There are multiple websites selling or free DLs of these hacks.

Many people have posted on these forums asking for these hacks to be fixed server side. See here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/fix-flyteleport-hacking-now/

Blizzard has refused to fix these hacks server side.

Blizzard’s only known action has been to shadow ban people asking for this to be fixed, removing posts asking questions, and take a heavy hand to silence those who wish a fair playing field.

We need this to change.

#1. Communicate with your customers on issues more regularly.
#2. Stop deleting/banning people who bring this issue up.
#3. Fix this hack server side. Don’t rely on long and ineffective “ban waves” as a fix. It isn’t a fix.
… and most important…
#4. Respect your WoW Classic customers and treat them better.

Edit #1: Copy of post saved here: https://web.archive.org/web/20201021183941/https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/why-hasnt-blizzard-responded-to-the-teleportfly-hacks-and-fixed-it-server-side/691056


Subs my man. Subs.

All those gold sellers pay for a lot more subs than the vocal minority asking for them to fix the problem.

Why should Activision bother responding to your forum post when mouth breathers post the usual drivel of: is classic dead, what class should I play, is horde or alliance nicer, etc? They can even see your post because it just gets drowned in all the inane topics.

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Because we pay them to do so which includes supporting their customers.



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How do they stop it when they’ve been outsmarted nonstop to this point?

They probably only have a team of 10 or so people working 40 hours a week and lets be honest, they arent being paid high wages.

The botters have unlimited time and resources. Not to mention they are probably more skilled than the blizzard employees.

Top companies pay top dollar to programmers/coders/etc to prevent their systems from being hacked and exploited. This is not one of those companies


Literally all they have to do is turn on server side player movement tracking. They don’t though as they rely on the client to do it, to save processor so they can spend less and less on decent server hardware.

It literally was an issue in vanilla, they have the ability to turn it on they simply don’t.


You’re wrong.

Not sure what you think this small Indy company can do against these vastly superior computer hackers. I mean they’re basically a start-up!


The do it by fixing it server side. It is extremely easy to monitor for excessive XYZ coordinate changes. Others have done it on massive servers for minimal cost.

Definitely is easily possible.

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Don’t worry Delimicus that guy must not know you are the forum king yet. Try not to get your panties in a bunch - they will realize not to disagree with you eventually.


Hey bro, I get the logic, but it’s leaving out some of the factors involved in this scenario.

One of those is that Activision actually cares about classic wow - it doesn’t.

Another is that activision has an apparently unlimited supply of white knights that can derail subjects and prevent any consensus from being reached on the forums. This effectively allows activision to pretend their is no issue since the player base can’t even come to agreement that bots, gold selling, teleport/fly hacking even exists.

When I put my tinfoil hat on it makes more sense to pay for these white knights to post on the forums than it does for activision to pay for gm’s or cs reps.

Yeah yeah Delimicus, I know I’m wrong. Thanks anyways.


You are, glad you recognize that. You’re still mentioning Activision as if a company that has nothing to do with Classic can somehow solve the botting problem.

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Right, thanks for your input my dude. You are once again right about your opinions.