Why fomo achiev with secrest?

Use this CBT technique: what’s the worst case scenario if you don’t get that achievement? Someone you don’t know or care about inspects your profile and doesn’t notice?

Maybe FOMO isn’t something you have to live with every time it comes up? Challenge it. Just an idea.


Blunt is not hostile. I never once insulted you nor attacked you. I gave yoy information and pointed out that once again, someone cannot see anything but their own side.

For you, it’s great if you could find the time to be there and do it. Others could, as well. But some of us couldn’t. Being disappointed in that isn’t the end of the world. It’s simply being disappointed and wishing people could understand the other view.

And I just explained multiple times how I did care and wasn’t able to plan that quickly due to prior engagements and appointments. That’s life. It happens.

You do realize that the Secrets of Azeroth is not the same as Mimiron’s Jumpjets, where we JUST learned this existed with minimal details four days ago, right? And only yesterday found out how the forge works, yes?

This isn’t about the main Secrets of Azeroth event.

There is none. It’s simply personal enjoyment to go back and reminisce later. That’s it. That’s all.

only 19? that’s unacceptable. blizzard’s fomo department strikes again

btw sorry Sendryn for my earlier reply to that comment, I misunderstood the tone/mistook you for one of the naysayers, hence the sarcasm.

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Oh it’s okay. I may have done a poor job explaining too. :dracthyr_heart:

Looks like this whole argument is moot

only if you think it was planned like that the whole time

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Sure, but it is obtainable by more people now, including myself. I had considered it a wash since I have to work today but now we all can reasonably achieve it.

for those that did not see a blue post


Sorta like how you blocked me.

Once again.



On the bright side the achievement doesn’t give any title etc.

I would love for all posts mentioning “FOMO” to be automatically flagged and require manual approval.

So many people misusing the term FOMO to where it has no actual meaning anymore.


It means “fear of missing out”, in general describing a feeling that you miss all the fun your friends or other circles have when you’re not around.

In WoW, it’s been used to describe not just time-limited content, or rather rewards, only available for a couple of months, but also the way you felt ‘obligated’ to log in during Legion and BfA for the daily Artifact Power grind.

It was used correctly here to describe the situation as it appeared originally (and likely was intended to be) which was a sudden time-limited reward, only available at certain times during a 20 hour timeframe, in the middle of a casual event that was advertised to have contents that would remain available even after the actual event was ‘over’.

You basically had to learn about it and be present for the one or two occurrences that coincided with your regular playtime, otherwise managing to make it would be rather difficult.

The unannounced nature was disadvantageous in particular for those not in the American timezones, and the sparse occurrences of the activity made planning difficult, between real-life obligations like work, family time and sleep, but I concede that this is going into other negative aspects of this achievement that are less related to the FOMO effect per se.

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they can be completed after event ends but most are rather simple, WoWhead is keeping up to date on them all and can serve as a guide if you get lost at any point. Wishing you luck getting your alpaca

Fomo on what to be exact? There’s no title pet or mount tied to it so what exactly is the fomo? a line of text in your achievement log that doesn’t give points?

This is stupid beyond belief.

I agree, some better forewarning would be nice. But that’s also probably why the feat offers nothing.

Nah, I saw it when I pressed M in the main city. It was a pretty unique icon that stood out, and it had a timer. It was also right next to the crafting order area, which I use a lot which helped.

Wowhead helps, but just checking the calendar and checking the game, it tells you a lot.

Granted it wasn’t front page news on the app or anything, which they should have done.

But you are not “fearing” missing out. You’re complaining over not being able to earn something on your own time table at your leisure in perpetuity whenever you want in the future.

There’s a massive difference. This isn’t “FOMO”. Has nothing to do with FOMO. It’s a limited time event, just like all content in gaming is realistically limited time events, in all games, ever.

It’s abusing a buzz word to try and over-exaggerate your side’s point that “waah, I want to do it whenever I want, not when it’s available.”

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I don’t usually hang around in the city too much unless I happen to go afk while there. Once I’m familiar enough with the layout (Val has been confusing tbh, several tiers and such) I rarely check the map.
Otherwise, I’m out doing world content while e.g. queuing for TW, or run old content altogether.
Little reason to check the city map.

You know, not to dunk on the Nasz’uro bug, but this would’ve been something that’s perfect to announce globally, since it’s temporary anyway.


Time to recruit the fam
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Yea, I don’t know why they don’t global announce more things. Kind of silly honestly.