Why doesn't Blizzard make WoW Classic Play for Free?

Blizzard it catch my eyes that ya’ll want PRIVATE SERVER to come to an end. First, what ya’ll want to do is like all other RPG and MMO is put a Free to Play. Second, Blizzard Entertainment ya are 3rd top game that does have a Play to Free with a non level cap. In my part that is stupid. Third, wow been here for 15 year with not one time with a FREE TO PLAY WITH NO LEVEL CAP. I was hoping ya’ll aka Blizzard Entertainment would see that if ya bring free to play content ya’ll will not have problem with PRIVATE SERVER. Finally, Blizzard please understand where I am coming from i been waiting on WoW Classic to come out because I was so hip about that. Now ya’ll lost me for good. All ya’ll want is money. What about all other MMO and RPG game that has no level requirement and still FREE TO PLAY. Come on Blizzard Entertainment make it into a FREE TO PLAY. Its not all about money. People can afford to play. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE TO COME AND PLAY. MAKE WOW INTO A FREE TO PLAY.