Why does WoW push my CPU/Processor so much?

Why is WoW so CPU heavy? I have a 4080 RTX and Wow is literally crashing/lagging with high CPU spike. What is it about the game that makes my CPU go so high? My CPU is intel 13 raptor lake and it’s already up there


Must be the state of the art graphics.

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Something changed with DF from Shadowlands.

DF areas run like garbage and Valdrakken is trash. Hell it took a year for drivers to get in order with both Nvidia and AMD. Stuttering, flashing textures, missing textures…

It’s a mess.

I really hope TWW is better optimized.


Funnily enough i was having these kinds of problems in SL, but it got better in DF. But my computer is a whimsical contraption cobbled together by an eccentric toy maker, so it’s not a great point of reference.


Isn’t this how its always been? I mean it might’ve gotten worse, and I know nothing about computers, but I swear I’ve read things about wow being more of a burden on CPU’s versus GPU’s…for reasons?

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I do recall the flashing in shadowlands as well. But my fps was great.

WoW has definitely had driver problems for probably years now.

It’s got old bones. I understand it enough.


I have a i7-8700 and a RTX 2080 … It runs good, but the CPU fan run hard in the world , but not in keys or raids

It’s all ways been that way

I always assumed it was because it has to calculate/communicate all the player info (like spells and crap) from everyone around you. But I have no idea how any of this stuff actually works.

It’s not just you, I run a i9-14900k and 4090 and still get mid 60-70 fps in valdrakken. WoW doesn’t run on multiple cores, so it bottlenecks itself a lot.

Everything besides val runs great for me, and val is just because the city is freaking crowded compared to oribos

I think you guys are just bad

Most all games lean on the GPU heavily, but WoW has always leaned on the CPU instead. Its a big part of why WoW doesn’t need a great PC to run decently.

Yup- the fewer cores the better.

MMO’s in general are heavier on CPU

I think your question may be best dealt with in tech support section. I am using a few years old AMD 5800x3D and a few years old 6600 XT, and at 2560x1440 resolution and max setting of 10 (except shadows, is is set to 1) I can easily hold over 100 fps in a busy Valdrakken area and often hit 500 fps in older zones. Plus enough various addons added to my game that my minimap looks like it has tumor!

Crashes? I haven’t had WOW crash in over a year. I am inclined to think you have corrupted file somewhere, outdated driver, cheap or under-rated power supply, or something.

You action (casting spell to a target) is sent to the server. The server sends the response (your target gained buff) to the target player and everyone can see the player gained a buff if they checked the target.

Hostile action like mobs or PVP are also sent to server. They handle hit or miss, damage number, etc then update mobs or NPC and everyone gets info the target has suffered damage or gained DOT, etc.

AFAIK there is no direct player to player action, all goes through Blizzard server. I’m guessing it’s to catch offensive word or such. Lack of direct player to player action also prevents hack or exploit like sending 10 billion HP damage to player in PVP.

I run things on the same i7 +1080ti combo I have been on for years and it runs well enough that I can stream and record even the most chaotic things in DF without issue – except for the first boss of Halls of Infusion.

Pinpointing the source of the problem is a bit much for GD though, can probably find better solutions in tech support.

This is the reason you run smoothly. The extra cache of the AMD X3D CPUs make a world of difference on WoW.

I run a similar setup, only using a 6750 XT GPU and an AMD 5600G GPU, similar GFX settings, 1440p120 as well, and I never get past 55 fps in Val, averaging at 48.

so you are saying, the worse your PC the better it runs because its optimized for dinosaur PCS.

Ah so a rare moment where AMD outshone Intel?

Technically WOW is dinosaurs, closing on to 20 years. Next year for 21st anniversary there better be some spectacular booze events that makes the annual brewfest seem lame. Because WOW would be old enough to drink!

to my knowledge: the limitations of the engine brought about by its age and the fact it was originally made for RTS games leads to many things needing to be done in very roundabout/convoluted ways that’s quite script heavy and places a burden on the cpu.

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