Why Does the Other Player always Move First?


I have a fiendish imp with a speed of 333, and my opponent also has one, and yet EVERY TIME I play against him, his will ALWAYS move first? Isn’t there supposed to be a coin flip or something?

It’s really stupid because its literally deciding the outcome of one match after another (forced to play him 4 times in a row) and each time he is getting 2 free attacks per-game via nethergate.

What am I missing here? Is there a hidden stat like “Luck” or something?

(Neall) #2

Each pet has a speed based on its breed. I’m not a pet battle expert, so I’m not sure if 333 is the fastest fiendish imp. If one of the pets is faster, it will have the green arrows at the top of the UI and the slower pet will have the red arrows - showing which pet will go first and last (typically - but some moves always go first regardless). You can also hover over the opponent’s pets (at the top of the UI) and see their stats.

If the two imps (or any two pets) have the same speed, then there will be no arrows - green or red - and there is a coin flip before every turn as to who goes first. Although some pets can give you a luck buff, I don’t think that affects going first when the same speed.

(Grarn) #3

The Fiendish Imp has an ability called Rush, using it makes sure you go first on the next turn, perhaps they’re spamming that.

(Hruin) #4

S/S Fiendish Imp’s speed is 333. So if he’s getting the jump on you with Nethergate, it’s just luck.

Wicked Soul is the Imp Killer. He’s faster, so you can Haunt on the first turn. Bring in a Rabbit so you can Dodge his gate. Or bring a crab or gator so you can surge him. Either way, a lot of Impsters will bail when the script doesn’t go as planned.