Why does Penance not apply Atonement?

Is there a reason?

I don’t know. I wish it did with at least the talent Contrition so that it can finally have some viability and not remain a dead talent like it has been since its iteration.

Is more fun to use as damage. Don’t want to incentive it being used for healing.

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what would be the point it hits the same target 3 times? why should it be an atonement applicatior?

A simple boost to defensive penance healing at least for the last two ticks. I see no problem with this.

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And to add to that, having Penance apply Atonement could make it feel bad to use offensively when you could otherwise be adding another Atonement.

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This is probably the main reason why they never had it be an atonement generator.

It’s also not a direct burst of healing, but channeled unlike shadow mend and PW:S

It’s two sides of the same coin. You may feel bad to use it offensively but it equally feels bad to use it defensively at the current state. I mean, how often do you cut off the full channel in favor of shadowmending to get more atonement and more ST burst healing?

For the amount of mana it costs just to cut off the last tick, that feels equally bad.

I guess it applying atonement would give it a bit more flexibility but it’s not really a big deal. The spell is quite flexible already if you consider it can be used defensively or offensively and on the move.

I see it more of a QOL thing than something that would make a big impact.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it, I mean even though small it would technically be a buff, but if they want to buff penance I think I’d rather see a flat number buff.

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I miss the days of Penance being a direct healing nuke and applying stacks of a buff that increase armor (and I think max hp too).

not gonna lie i don’t remember it ever doing any of that.