Why does nobody care that Novas don't break?

Yeah its stupid, I even play the class and fully agree its super dumb, and there were multiple PVP related topics in Beta, everything from nova not breaking to bubbles (absorbs) preventing crits; all of are still in game.

Played a mage in original TBC, and if you even looked at frost nova in a bad way and did not time your shatter perfectly the nova would break. Now you can just noob it up and spam lance on nova because it almost never breaks.

This is how shatter combo’s work in REAL TBC, actually from TBC not a private servers

Level 70 TBC.

Level 80 Wrath

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yah mace stun is broken


You answered your own question.

It’s been looked at and it’s working as intended.


No, nothing is working properly in this version of TBC because its on this dumpy retail engine.

Actual shatter combos in REAL TBC, not private servers. Notice how fast the nova breaks? Its almost instantly; this is why timing was actually important in REAL TBC, where as now any chimp can spam a couple buttons and shatter someone to death without any effort.

Level 70 TBC

Level 80 Wrath


Right, I’m sure you know better than the actual people that work on the game and have access to the data.

Data does not equal function; but the game launched flawlessly… And nothing should be questioned, and we should just accept broken things how they are.


Because it’s hilarious.

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Yeah i remember. Never played a mage but fought tons of them in BG’s. Usually I could shift out of nova before lance hit, but when it did, it broke immediately. Not saying that its not broken, but to add to it, getting ‘nova’d’ just by attacking them and it not breaking is part of it.

i remember it proccing very often in original tbc as well. mine on my warrior does not proc that often, however. /shrug

what gets me evry time is the 10% chance to proc impact stun off fireblast

occasionally play fire and you would not believe the number of people who get stunned on my shield… its so silly.

No, no, no. One person’s anecdotal evidence and ignoring everything to the contrary supersedes Blizzard’s ability to look at the old client and compare.

People have been misremembering things since the day Classic launched. This has been proven again and again and again.


Mages being broken in a way that works for them? Isn’t that standard operating procedure?

Nah, they have been playing on more accurate private servers that were copies of the og game using the original client. The Vanilla, TBC and Wrath private servers excluding the boss stuff is actually really really close to perfect.

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Why? Because barely anyone is playing pvp seriously. TBC arena meta is such a joke that people just opt out of it entirely.

This is true. But that’s not a good argument in general because the community has also remembered many things accurately. So at what point do you say one out weighs the other? It’s very easy to point at inconsistencies in human memory and by doing so you over look where memories are being applied accurately.

Your argument should consist of proof as to why the memory is false. If you cannot do that, then you have essentially said nothing. You’ve only created doubt without evidence or merit.

Using your logic, nothing ever referred to as a memory can be trusted and this isn’t a good approach when telling somebody they’re wrong.

We do care

We gave up when it wasn’t fixed for the entirety of season 1 & 2.

I didn’t play pvp in og tbc, but after watching your video, mage makes a lot more sense balance wise. Because with how it is right now novas an expected 4-6k worth of ice lances even if I’m counter gearing RM @370 resil.

This is such a joke in all honesty and just shows that you either A.) Have never played on a private server before or B.) are lying straight through your teeth.

Pservers run based off backported emulation software, and the emulation its based off of (ex. ManGOS) is riddled with bugs. Every pserver has quite a massive bug report list, and many of those bugs remain unfixed or ignored entirely. A majority of the fixed bugs are based off of “guessing” what the “intended behavior” was supposed to be, based entirely off of anecdotes: old wowhead comments, thottbott comments from the internet archive, old wowwiki edits, etc. But make no mistake, the servers still do not run anywhere near perfect, nor anything like WoW back in the day on the original client did.

I mean, take a look at the largest, most successful wotlk pserver (that I won’t name). It’s a bug-ridden mess, with many of those bugs being near a decade old and entirely ignored. Sometimes the devs there are nasty af about it too. It’s just a cash-cow for them because people buy ICC gear/Shadowmourne and pvp with it.

25 points deep in a tree better proc a lot!

Theres not. Theres no evidence of any of it. Pvp happened and theyre salty about it… so theyre blaming it on “bugged mechanics” rather than their own skill, or pack thereof.