Why does holy hit harder than disc?

Like, by a lot. Isn’t that kinda backwards?


Yeah its kinda stupid atm. Holy Fire hits so much harder than Mind Blast .

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My smite on holy hits for 21k. My smite on disc hits for 10. I honestly don’t get it.


Yeah disc is in a really strange spot right now. I was so excited about it but yeah.


easy explanation, holy should hit harder than disc because disc gets to heal through damage while holy dose not. so holys spells should have the upside of doing more damage overall. the reason holy has to make a choice on how to spend its gcd’s either damage or healing something that disc doesn’t so for the sake of fairness holy deals a lil more damage.


I guess that makes some sense, but it just seems so extreme. Like I said, smite hits less than half as hard on disc. I could understand disc doing a little less but my base smite hitting for 10k is really sad and just straight up feels bad.

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my average smite is like 14k.

You might have better gear, but if you switch to holy I still bet double that.

probably but i have a consistent stream line of damage also we get 10% more from mind blast and another 10% from scov when we have sfiend/mindbender active.

So the spec designed around being the aggressive DPS healer does less DPS than the spec designed around sitting back and spam healing the group.

Yes this make TOTAL sense :roll_eyes:

This is the exact mentality that results in disc always ending up broken.


it completely dose, again holy has to make a choice on how to spend their gcd’s heal or dps its a decision disc doesn’t have to make.

if a holy priest is just spamming smite + hf and not hitting any healing buttons than they dont do any healing. disc is a 2 for 1.


Disc still has to use GCDs on healing and to get atonement up. Not as much, but you still have to juggle that. Again, I can understand it being a little lower, but the damage value on spells is like half that of holy.

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Look, they already tried having Disc be a meaningful damage contributor and keeping their damage high. It broke the spec so badly that it saw nothing but nerfs for 3 entire expansions. That ship sailed forever ago, and they decided to bring disc’s damage down because it spends far less globals defensively.

Its damage needs to be somewhat in line with other healers, and our tier set gives us a decent chunk of damage (we’re looking at about a 20% increase in damage for our tier).

It was nerfed during PTR again because people were doing massive damage with the tier set. Right now, though, our damage is about in-line with what it was last patch. Smite → Smite isn’t a great comparison because Holy doesn’t have anything like a mindbender dark reprimand that procs IE.

We’re definitely doing a bit less damage than holy right now, but we’re going to climb up to be about on par with them/higher towards the end of this patch barring more nerfs.


I said this before and I’ll say it again. My vote is for Blizzard to just make Discipline into a DPS support class like Augmentation Evoker. At this point, it’s pretty obvious they have no idea what to do with Discipline.

We either do “too much damage”, not enough healing, or barriers/shields are too strong. Either way we end up feeling like a clunky mess every time.

If they don’t make Discipline a DPS support, then I really hope Priests get substantial reworks for all specializations in 11.0.


I get that but it also takes away from the whole point of the spec, right? Like if the goal is healing through damage, but you end up doing as much damage as other specs do just throwing out damage when they can in between heals then it kinda becomes a detriment to HAVE to do damage.


Yes, but only in the scenario that you rarely have to heal.

But we’ve also been this way since like BfA so :person_shrugging:

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Exactly. The whole gimmick of Discipline spec is that we DPS for our healing. If the DPS feels like we’re throwing marshmallows at our foes, then are we really filling the spec’s intended fantasy?? I think no.

At that point just play Holy spec. Which is admitting that Discipline has problems. Pretty sad since it’s a fun idea that they just can’t execute without backlash from the meta chasers.

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youre still missing the part where this damage only happens in a world where the group the holy priest is in is taking next to no damage. giving the hpriest the free gcd’s to deal the damage.

this is a choice Disc will never have to make and do more damage overall. the fact that you think one smite is going to make or break who will do more damage overall is wild.


If you read my post before this one, you can see where I said it’s fairly obvious Blizzard doesn’t know how to deal with Discipline. You yourself outlined exactly why this “DPS to heal” healer is an issue and always will be. Which is why I just want Disc as a DPS support like Augmentation at this point.


This is it, this is literally the reason why Disc should be doing more damage than every single healer in the game. It comes down to uptime, Disc will have more of it than any other healer, save perhaps Fistweaver, because of our healing style. When others have to stop to heal we are still dealing damage.

Now ask yourself if DPS 1 does more damage than DPS 2 even though DPS 2 had 50% more uptime on the boss would you call that balanced? No and yet that is the standard people want to impose on disc and then they wonder “why doesn’t this work.”

This is flat out hogwash. There has never in the history of this game since freaking vanilla been an issue with Disc that required nerfing it’s damage to fix it.

MoP issues, smart healing.
WoD issues, bubble spam
Legion issues, and continues to be, blanket atonement healing with no soft cap like other AoE heals.

The issue has never been damage, damage has just been the scapegoat for Blizzard, and others, who don’t have a clue how to properly design and balance the spec.